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  1. Thanks again for the help. I did try the 6.3.029 installer today, and it ran and installed without issue. The Retrospect server listed the Lion machine on the "Backup Clients on Network" screen, but when I attempted to configure the client from this screen, I got an activator code error. Not sure why, but I'm throwing the white flag and giving up. This is the only Lion client machine we have at the moment, and over the summer we are looking at switching up our backup strategy and using something other than Retrospect anyway, so for the time being we are having this user backup their computer with Time Machine. Thanks for the help though.
  2. When I attempt to run the 6.2.234 installer, I get the error message "You can't open the application Install OS X Client because PowerPC applications are no longer supported." Is there something I must do in order to get the installer to run for an Intel Mac?
  3. Thanks for the reply, twickland. I am able to back up machines running the 6.x version of the client on Snow Leopard with no problem, and have been able to do so with no issues for a couple of years now. I'm only concerned with files within a User's directory (Documents and such), so I never backup system or application files. This is the first I've tried any newer version of the client past 6 on a Mac (since Lion doesn't support PPC applications). I was hoping that maybe there was another issue preventing version 9 from starting, but I guess not. Oh well, Time Machine it is for these new MBPs. Thanks again.
  4. Here's my situation: Server: Retrospect 6 Client Machine: OS: Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3) Retrospect Client: 9.0.2 (102) The client installs successfully, and I have the icon appearing in the menu bar and also within System Preferences, although the icon in the menu bar is grayed out. When I open the Client preferences, the status states "Retrospect Client is off". When I toggle the switch to "On", the status message stays the same. If I switch to another tab (say "History" or "Notifications"), then switch back to the "Status" tab, the toggle switch returns to "Off". In other words, I cannot get the Retrospect Client to turn on. Any suggestions? Has anyone else run into this issue? Is it because my server is running too old of a version of Retrospect? Is Client 9 compatible with Server 6? Thanks for any help.