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  1. My server crashed and I used my Retrospect 6.5 to restore the backup to a new system (WindowsXP OS). The restore was successful but most of the folders are empty. Some of the shared folders restored complete (folders with content, .pdf files, word docs, zips, etc...) and are functional while most of the other folders open with no content of any kind. I noticed in my configuration, I select "RECYCLE" instead of "DUPLICATE" for this backup group. Does this make a difference and is this why most of the folders are empty? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have installed Restrospect Express 6.5 and confugured for a daily backup. I am backing up to an external media (DVD). My initial back up was at 4.1G but all of my subsequent backups have been at 47M to 65M. All of the backups should be at about 4G. Is this only backing up changes? If so, how do I set up for a new backup each day? Thanks in advance!