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  1. That looks like it solved my problem. Thanks!
  2. It looks like they are set for "Any Activity Thread." I will try setting them all to the same thread and see what happens. Thanks!
  3. I agree about being careful about recycling the media sets. We run four copies, so when we do the recycle, the data is actually three weeks old and there are three other newer copies. The newest one is stored in a bank vault for safe keeping. I will look at the activity thread setting when I get a chance. Thanks!
  4. I am running Retrospect 9.0.1 and I backup a SAN to a Tandberg 448 tape library. We have multiple scripts that are scheduled and they may take a different amount of time to run depending on whether or not the media is recycled. If I have a script that runs to recycle a media set and it is backing up multiple hard drives in a JBOD, the script can get interrupted when one of the drives has been backed up and another script is launched according to a schedule. For example, I have 15 drives in a JBOD that get backed up daily as an incremental backup which may only take an hour. On Friday night however, the media set is recycled and the backup may take more than 12 hours to complete. There are other scripts to incrementally backup a couple of RAID arrays that also run nightly. If the JBOD backup task is running and it finishes backing up a drive, but has not completed the entire 15 drive set, the task will pause if one of the RAID backup tasks starts according to its schedule. How can I force the original JBOD task to finish before the scheduled RAID task is allowed to interrupt the JBOD task? If the JBOD task is allowed to interrupt, the tape that was being used has to unload, and the library has to load the tape for the RAID task, run that task, and then swap tapes again and resume the JBOD task. Is there some sort of setting or preference that wouldn't allow a script to be interrupted by a new scheduled task???
  5. Matt_H

    Retrospect 9.0.1 Now available

    I am currently using Restrospect 8.2 on OS 10.6.3 I want to upgrade to Restrospect 9 using a downloaded file. Do I uninstall Retrospect 8 first or do I just install it over the version 8 installation? I have searched for the answer to this question, but I haven't had any success. I am hoping I can get the e-mail notification to work for me in version 9.