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  1. I will keep the verify disk to my very last option. Today I will: - Shutdown server where disk is; - Restart or even shutdown RAID Controller (The disk it self); - Propagate Permissions and ACLs on Server Admin for that Share (reminding that retro will backup all over again - the BUG) If that doesnt work, I have to think on that option.
  2. I Dont think it is a problem with disk errors... This because i added a new favorite folder on same Disk and it was very quick!
  3. ggirao

    Limit old backups

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! The option of grooming was disabled, but now I see the options. Thank you again so much RTFM!
  4. ggirao

    Limit old backups

    Grooming doesnt work on Disk Media Sets :-(((
  5. I did that once and what i got was damaged disk, with read-only acess. I Don't risk do it again... I will restart my RAID and server. EDIT - this disk has maximum 4 months old ....
  6. ggirao

    Limit old backups

    The problem is that recycling "erases" all... even the first/last files. So I have a backup with about 4,8TB. It took 95 hours to complete.
  7. It is a Mac Client, but has it is a RAID with it's "own SO" (LaCie) I cannot repair hard drive. This has only data, not a Mac OS X.
  8. This isn't a worry but i'm noticing that when I open Retro Console it gets slower. I removed old activities and somethiing has improved, but I still think that it was better one year ago. Could be heavy snapshots? Should I archive them? TY
  9. ggirao

    Using SQL Server

    I'm using Retrospect 9 for mac and a version for a win 2008 R2 with SQL server running. Is it necessary to run any add on to backup sql server? Can you show me any tutorial, please? TY
  10. Hello, Is it possible to recycle a backup in time just to maintain some time. Let me explain: I have about 3 months backups, and it's growing... So I want to maintain last month (and naturally files that haven't changed since first backup). Is it possible? TY
  11. You are right. The full Folder was about 300GB. When I "get Info" and there is folders without permission, they don't count! :-)
  12. But thats not. These 3 entire folders are bigger. The last one is about 650GB The entire disk is about 5TB :-(
  13. ggirao

    Cloud Archive

    Found Amazon Glacier. Sounds nice
  14. Anyone knows any kind of cloud archiving services? I don't want daily/weekly backup, just an archive. If possible with retrospect support. TY
  15. One Last question. What option? I Started the second "Copy most recent backups from each selected source" And one source of 50GB become 300GB.
  16. You are so "The Man" Thank you once again Mr Lennart
  17. I dont have "last backup on options". And I cant browse through the media set (That has other sources in it). Confused :-s
  18. I didnt explain my self: I Want to separate (and copy) different backups from different scripts on a same media set. Where can I copy these last snapshots?
  19. But like this i'm copying the original files, not the backup. Can I copy (through the Retrospect) the files (RDB)? I have several scripts to the same Media Set. I want to erase from this media set some files from these scripts. Is this possible?
  20. Backing again on this thread: "2) Copy the wanted (latest) snapshots from the old media set to the new." But it copies last version of all files? Or just the files that were backed up in these snapshots?
  21. How can I view contents from a catalog?
  22. I even tried to install version 8, but unsuccessfully the server wont came up...
  23. Open thread in 8, happens the same to me. Today in my diary backup is tries to do full 2,2TB.