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    Using SQL Server

    I have a full licence. Do you suggest install the retrospect server on my Win2008 machine for the SQL then? I can still control the remaining servers to backup from the mac retro server, right?
  2. ggirao

    Using SQL Server

    Hello MayOff, I use the WIndows Client (7.7.xx), not enough? Should I install a parallel retrospect server on my Win2008 Machine for that?
  3. Now Clear :-) I Understand the problem of not filling the tape. Thank you for your support.
  4. I did a full backup of a raid system on LTO3 tapes (4) and wanted to do the same on LTO4. I supposed that will "eat" only two tapes, but he filled with a new member automatically. I want to change this last tape (barcode purposes) to a new one like: Scenario: backup1, backup2, new_name_backup I want backup1, backup2, backup3 How can I do this?
  5. Yep, The tape #4 was full, but why? If I had 2,1TB to fill and 4 tapes (3 LTO4 and 1 LTO3). 3x1TB + 1x800MB = 3,8TB weird. As I said, i opted to erase the tapes and start a full backup, and now everything is ok and clear. TY for your help and tips (leave blank tapes on the autoloader) next steps I won't do mistakes.
  6. well, opted to erase all tapes and started a new backup
  7. should be #4 thats free, why isnt adding?
  8. OK, When I said half, was half the backup (I have about 2,2TB and stops when remains 1TB). I think that's when is going to fill a new tape. When stops, keeps asking for new media and I have the option to: cancel, Skip, Lost, Done or Add. Here within any option doesn't do nothing; accepts my selection but doesn't go further on the backup. Today late night I will try again and send some screenshots here. I'm considering to erase the tapes and start a new backup set.
  9. That didn't work... I Marked the tape with lost and added one more. Started the backup and retrospect stops half asking for a new media member. Even if I select, skip, mark as lost nothing happens.
  10. TY Tim, that should be enough. BTW the problem was that retrospect added automatically a member to a media set that was not meant to this backup. So if I mark with lost and add a new tape with a label that I want, that's exactly what I need.
  11. I need to replace a member of a media set with another tape
  12. ggirao

    Looking for users' opinions of Retrospect 9

    We're using version 9, and until now I can say its a great version.