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  1. Just copied 120G to this drive with no issue. Retrospect won't write to this drive at all now - keep getting '!Trouble Reading, Trouble positioning, error -102' in the log about this media set. Any idea what's going on? My backups have stopped on this backup set now.
  2. I have a Mac Pro tower (3,1) that's running OSX Server 10.5.8 in a small office environment. Retrospect 9 is installed and has been running without issue since version 9 was released. I have 3 backup sets that reside on external hard drives that backup externally connected share points on the LAN. These backup sets run a script several times a day to append what has been changed throughout the day. Very straight forward. Recently, I replaced one of the hard drives because it failed, and it felt like a good time to just create a new backup set on this new hard drive ( the backup sets are created as Disk, and the catalog is pointed to store on the hard drive designated to be the storage for the backup set). The hard drive I'm using as the backup set storage is 1TB. The source of the backup is 300g and maybe half full. When I try to run the script to run the backup, after a while, I get an error saying the backup set is corrupted, but nothing has been backed up, the backup drive is empty, other than the catalog file and a folder for the backup files. Very strange. The backup set is going to a new firewire800 1tb hard drive. I have 2 other backup sets that are running on other hard drives with no issue. I can't figure whats going on. I just dumped the latest backup set, erased the backup set hard drive and tried again. I can't update Retrospect to version 10 because the server is running 10.5 and I'm not sure the hardware can support 10.8. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. There was no 1tb limit to File Backup Sets in Retro 6. I've been and still do have backup sets larger than 2.6tb.
  4. Hi- I'm new to the forum. I'm considering a update of Retrospect 6 to 9 for Mac server. This is being necessitated by issues in the way Retro 6 or the Finder in OSX 10.5.8 Server calculates file sizes. Very briefly, over the last few months, I've noticed that the backup drive that my sets live on is a very different size than the source data. I've experimented with this extensively and tech support says it's an OSX issue. To conclusively test this, I formatted a new 4tb drive and tried to make a new backup set of about 2.5tb worth of data. The backup failed about 3/4 through and said the destination is full. Something is not right with Retro 6. I installed a trial version of Retro 9 and now this problem doesn't exist. 2.5tb of data backs up as 2.5tb on the backup. I'm not trying to fix Retro 6 as it's pointless. My question is I have 8 external drives with active backup sets still running everyday with Retro 6. Is there a way to convert these to Retro 9 to keep using them or do I have to trash everything and start over? I've also noticed there's a new limitation in Retro 9 that the file backup sets can't be larger than 1tb- that is a potential issue. The disk backup sets seem to work ok with the trial of Retro 9, but not sure how that would affect the conversion from Retro 6. Thanks for the help.