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  1. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Ok sorry its taken me so long to get back but I had to find another HDD to copy my backup files too. So I transferred the backup files to another disk and I get the same error. So we are in the same spot. Mayoff, any ideas now?
  2. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    I will have to try that and let ya know.
  3. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Any ideas Mayoff?
  4. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    I am using the latest 7.6.123 (Retrospect Express). The License that came with my Iomega HDD only allows me to go this high (cant upgrade to 7.7). I did create these backups though with the 7.6 software.
  5. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    This what you looking for??
  6. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    A window will popup saying "The selected disk does not contain any Backup Set data files, please select another disk"
  7. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Any Ideas anyone??
  8. Cant restore with .RDB files!

    Ok so I tried just selecting the 1-media set folder and I get the same message. I actually check every folder level starting from the HDD down to the 1-media set folder (mine being name 1-Laptop_Backup). so next idea? lol
  9. Hello All, I have tried searching around and even though there are a few threads on this topic, none of them are updated with a solution. I am trying to restore my computer from a set of backups that I have (all on an external HDD, files are called Retrospect Disk Backup Set with .rdb file extensions). When I go to recreate the catalog and choose from disk and select my external hard drive it says "there are no backup sets on drive"?? Also when I look at the file types that Retrospect is trying to find it only list .rbc and .rbf file extensions. So how can I restore my computer with the .rdb files I have? Thanks!