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  1. Same thing happens to me.
  2. My Preferences keep reseting to one thread. Is this happening to anyone else? Mac 10.7.3 Retrospect 9.0.1
  3. tarbox

    Error -1020

    I'll do my best! The main backup computer is a new mac pro running 10.7.3 Retrospect version 9.0.1. It has an external firewire drive which has a folder that is the destination. This computer has an ethernet connection to the LAN. Also on the network is another mac pro running 10.7.2, (needs to stay at this version for the time being), and retrospect client 9.0.0. I ran the copy script with no problem after creating it, but after a few restarts? it doesn't work anymore. Now I get this: + Copy using New Archie 1000 20120320 at 3/25/12 3/25/12 3:30:36 PM: Connected to Tarbox PT 10’s Mac Pro To volume Jughead Digital Audio... ****** Warning: volume "Jughead Digital Audio on Tarbox PT 10’s Mac Pro" has the "Ignore ownership" setting enabled. ****** ****** Warning: volume "Jughead Digital Audio" has the "Ignore ownership" setting enabled. ****** - 3/25/12 3:30:36 PM: Copying Jughead Digital Audio on Tarbox PT 10’s Mac Pro Scanning incomplete, error -1020 ( sharing violation) 3/25/12 3:30:48 PM: Execution stopped by operator I don't know what driver it is, but this is a very recent install. I'm pretty sure it's up to date. Thanks!
  4. tarbox

    Error -1020

    Sadly, I don't really know how to tell or what I should do about it... The last version I used was 6 and I could just drag and drop things. This new version seems much more complicated. I installed the client software on the remote computer and then since they are on the same network, it just showed up in my sources. I chose the folder that I wanted and added to favorites and then made a script to copy the files from one folder to another. How can I guarantee that the share pint will remain stable?
  5. tarbox

    Error -1020

    I am trying to back up information nightly from one lion based mac to another on the same local network. Both the source and destination drives are external firewire 800 drives. Format is GUID, mac OS Extended Journaled. They are each directly connected to an airport extreme which are hard wired to each other.
  6. tarbox

    Error -1020

    Hmmm. The only programs open are Mainmenu and BOINC. The folder that I'm trying to copy is on an external drive.
  7. Hello. Although my scripts were working fine at first, I am now receiving error-1020 stating "scanning incomplete, sharing violation" Any suggestions? Thanks!