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    Forum Search (is there one)

    What browser are you using? And OS & version too! Also try some others, as well.
  2. jclark14

    Forum Search (is there one)

    Wow. I can see it now ( w/safari 9.1 & 9.1.1,technology preview> ) - but. The last time i posted ( a while ago.. ) I could not see the search bar for mucho [ 6 months? ish IIRC ] time - never got around to asking this very question. Thanks, there ARE others that can't see it. Although I do not know why I CAN see it now mumble mumble.....
  3. I've been seeing this as well, since at least a month or so... restarting Retrospect 3 or 5 times usually clears it up, but it's a visual ( well, it appears to be non-threatening ) bug that should be cleaned up.
  4. Yes, for me it is resolved - that is, the number of activity threads is sticky through restarts of the Retro application ( with no hardware reboots in between ). It will however 'forget' the threads if a machine reboot is initiated. I am using Retro Desktop, but if your using the Server version of Retro, well, then it should ( I don't own it, so I don't know this as fact ) remember threads through machine reboots. I just remember to invoke a couple of threads w/ I start the Console [ not always though! ]... It's not onerous, so I just do it.... I'm on 10.11.1, Retro 12.5.0(111)
  5. OK - it's working now w/export ( kinda hidden in there [grumblegrumble ] ) Thanks!
  6. No, no - it's the Client Updaters, Not Installers, I'm missing...
  7. Sanity check time - after two installs of 12.0.2(116), the Client Updaters folder is rather empty. Is there a seperate download for the insides of this folder, and or is just an Easter egg? Anyone get the good stuff in the intial install? jeff
  8. Huh. 10.5.0(145), eh? It'd be a nice feature, if ya just didn't havta re-jigger it every reboot... <sigh> jeff
  9. The more RAM you have seems to ameliorate the prob big time. Ran Mac Pro w/8GB & 8/9/10/10.1 and just recently went to 16GB - big difference in peerformance. If you ( during SPOD ) <force quit> and look at Retro you'll see it shows [ Retrospect Not Responding ], and if you wait a bit it resumes itself pretty soon. Still... Could manage resources ( if that's the problem area ) better ....
  10. Ahhh.... just found this: http://forums.retros...an-to-work-101/ Instant Scan does not report itself in manual run mode. Or is just not working it that case? Which is it - running and not reporting itself, or not running? ( and not reporting itself not running? ) It's a feature! After reading more carefully, I conclude that it *does not run* when manually asked to backup. By design.
  11. ¡Si! It is the behavior that I grew used to in previous versions. I consider the current behavior, umm, not helpful.
  12. At least as reported by the log ( it shows them in timed run, but not w/manually started ). Instant Scan is enumerated when timed scripts run, but if I run the same script again manually, no IS is reported in the log. Version 10.1.0 (221) And another thing, the "Past Backups" widget in the left pane does not get updated as fast as the previous version [ < 10.1.x ] - eventually, it reflects what the log shows immediately.... Little things, little things, I know... but....
  13. Ahem - all worked for me, and they were Mac clients...... I shall be more specific...
  14. Does not retain setting in 2 different environments: 1) Mac Pro boot from SSD [ 10.8.3 ], catalogs kept here, user space on internal HD [10.6.8 ]<--- this *should* make no difference(?) Go ahead, make a liar outta me.. Retrospect running on SSD. 2) Mac Pro std config ( everything running on boot disk ) 10.6.8.