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    Retrospect 9.0.1 Now available

    Good idea - and dud, embarrassed I didn't all ready think to do it, but... ... didn't help. Threw it away, restarted... then same bit... "The application...etc" What next? Do I download the new installer and reinstall - and if so, what I need to trash, etc, to properly do that? Thanks, David
  2. dcrigger

    Retrospect 9.0.1 Now available

    Opened Retrospect late last night, and proceeded with the update process from there - and now opening Retrospect immediately pops up the "The application Retrospect has quit unexpectedly... Ignore - Report - Relaunch" dialog box. Get info on the app says - and I've repaired permissions and restarted (Macbook Pro - OSX 10.5.8) So what should I do next? Thanks, David
  3. Just purchased Retro9 for Mac - longtime 6.1 user. Anyway.. after having run in trial mode for awhile... I have retrospect installed on my Macbook Pro and the client software installed on my iMac - which is still showing green from the trial. When trying to add my new mac mini as a client however I keep getting the message above. I've re-installed the client software multiple time threw away and created new public/private keys Confirm that the public is actually installed in the Client package - even installed without the public key in the installer, and placed the key myself And now have tried to install (with a fresh copy of the installer) without the key, hoping to establish via password - but no go ... "No public key found on client" Help. David