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  1. It's a feature we're planning to add in the medium-term. For a similar workflow but with a few more clicks, you can run a scheduled script from the new UI, and the UI doesn't have to stay open while the backup runs.
  2. Sorry for such a late reply. Thanks for the log information in the initial post. We've had other reports of this error ("Assertion failure at db.cpp-170"). It would be fantastic if you could contact our support team (www.retrospect.com/support) and send us your assert log, found at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/assert_log.utx, referencing this forum thread. Also, there's nothing wrong with your setup. 15GB catalog files are large even for today's boot drives.
  3. bdunagan


    Well, it certainly shouldn't cause the connection to hang. We'll look into whether NASs with passwords could cause that sort of issue. Glad the reboot fixed it.
  4. Unfortunately, the current version of Retrospect for Mac doesn't support the old "Run Documents" feature. We know that quite a few long-timer users miss that workflow, and we do plan to add that sort of external scripting ability in the future.
  5. Very sorry that this bug is still around. We've tried repeatedly to reproduce it ourselves but no luck. I know we've suggested in the past that it could be a device miscommunication issue, which would explain why it's so rare, but Retrospect should still recognize the second tape. We'll continue to look into it.
  6. bdunagan

    Error -1116 "Sorry, server login failed, error"

    Other customers encounter this error intermittently as well, but we haven't been able to reproduce the issue. I agree with Scillonian's alternative; post back when you get a chance to try it. As far as the forum search, we swapped out the forum-specific search a couple months ago for a full site search. The original forum search had a number of limitations, like requiring four characters (inconvenient for 3-digit error codes). In addition, we wanted to make sure people visiting the forum could find information in our online documentation and knowledge base. As Mayoff pointed out, those results have a higher rank. Finally, the search on the website also covers the forums to ensure website visitors find the excellent answers you guys post here.
  7. Thanks for pointing this out. The bundles should indeed be owned by root:admin. The issue will be fixed in the next release. Until then, you can run 'sudo chown -R root:admin /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle' to fix the ownership.
  8. bdunagan


    The Mac console is trying to find the local Retrospect server. If it stays on "Connecting..." for more than a couple seconds, the server might not be running, possibly due to a crash. You can check in the Retrospect pane of System Preferences. You can see if it was a crash by looking for /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/assert_log.utx.
  9. Sorry about that! The issue was only for the Australian version of the site (/au), which we recently released. We've fixed the image links now. The discrepancy between the alt tag and src tag in the HTML is actually an artifact from the FrameMaker conversion, as is the formatting for various sections of the current User's Guide. We're steadily correcting these. Thanks for pointing this out.
  10. bdunagan

    MacBook Retina Bottom Bar

    You're quite right. The minimum height of 740px is a bit too large for a 13" Retina (as well as a 13" non-Retina and 11" Air) with the dock visible. We'll reduce it in the next release. Thanks for pointing that out.
  11. bdunagan

    10.2 Update Problem

    It would be great if you could open a support ticket (http://retrospect.com/en/support/contact) and attach the assert_log.utx file, referencing this forum thread. The console messages indicate that the engine was crashing repeatedly.
  12. bdunagan

    Rules change when previewing backup.

    Thanks for the report. It is the same issue as the one you referenced. It's fixed in the next release.
  13. bdunagan

    message 51907

    Sorry about this issue. There was a small cosmetic error in our French translations. It is fixed in the next release.
  14. Thanks for the reporting this issue (bug 3846). I can reproduce it as well. We will fix it, but for the time being, please continue using the Any / All workflow you noted.
  15. Ah, I see. Quite frustrating. The server installer is bundled inside the Retrospect application. Since the button isn't working on your system (we'll look into this), you can get to the installer by right-clicking on the application, choosing "Show Package Contents", and navigating to Contents > Resources > updater; you should see "Retrospect Engine Installer.pkg" in that folder. The engine installer will upgrade the preference pane and the engine itself. If you prefer to stop Instant Scan manually to avoid the engine downtime, you can add "StartRetroISA=0" to the bottom of /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/retro_isa.ini. The RetroISA process won't unload, but it should stay at 0% CPU. You can also unload the process with "sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.retrospect.retroisa.plist" and disable it by updating that plist with the "Disabled" key having the value "true". Those are the three steps that the preference pane goes through. Let me know if this works for you.
  16. Great write-up. We plan to fix this issue (bug 3844) soon.
  17. There have been a number of recent posts about RetroEngine's CPU usage when idle. It would be great if you could contact our support team about this issue. If you're comfortable with it, they can walk you through raising the logging on the engine, so that we can pinpoint why the process isn't idling lower in your environment. For the forums search, we swapped out the original search feature for Google site search to ensure users found any documentation or Knowledge Base articles that answered their questions.
  18. @fairprint: The Retrospect server preference pane should already be installed on the system, and you can follow the third set of instructions: http://retrospect.com/documentation/user_guide/mac10/instant_scan. Disabling Instant Scan through the preference pane is permanent.
  19. bdunagan

    Disabling Instant Scan

    Quite right. System Preferences caches the Retrospect client preference pane when it's first loaded. We'll look into a way around that issue, as it is confusing given the instructions.
  20. @JamesBrown: Please contact our support team about your experience with Instant Scan. It should not be taking up that amount of RAM. @bleary: Sorry for such a long delay. If you're still having issues with the Retrospect engine's CPU usage, please contact our support team, and it would be fantastic if you could include an Activity Monitor sample of the RetroEngine process when it's in that state. Support: http://retrospect.com/support/contact
  21. Thanks for the detailed writeup. We plan to fix this issue (bug 2325) in an upcoming release.
  22. bdunagan

    Proactive backups not running

    Please contact our support team if this issue comes up again, so that we can understand what the root cause is and fix it.
  23. Very sorry for not replying sooner. Dennis, thank you for uploading the Activity Monitor sample of the SPOD'ing Mac console. We think it pinpoints your issue. It's a known problem (#3798) with that comes up in certain environments, and it will be fixed in the next update. For everyone else seeing seeings SPODs or sporadic hanging, it would be a great help if you could also sample the hung Retrospect process with Activity Monitor and upload the resulting file to a support ticket. That way, we can make sure we fix all instances of these hangs in the next update. As iCompute suggested, the root cause is the chatty console/engine protocol that ensures the console information is up-to-date. Please contact our support team if you are interested in seeing if an upcoming test build will fix your issue.
  24. The most common reasons for the -1010 error are anti-virus software or a faulty disk. As you checked the disks, you should contact our support team (http://retrospect.com/support/phone), and they can walk you through turning up the logging level. Lennart makes a good point to try a smaller subset of the file hierarchy, but if the root case is a specific file or folder, logging will be the quickest way to identify it.
  25. Upgrading from 7.7 to 8.1 is a smooth process. You do not need to uninstall 7.7; the 8.1 installer handles stopping the existing server and removing it, and there's no post-install cleanup work involved. That said, it's always a good idea to have a backup copy of your configs. Just copy Config77.dat to a safe location beforehand. The 8.1 server works with 7.7, 8.0, and 8.1 Windows clients. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any issues: http://retrospect.com/en/support/phone @Richy_Boy We plan to address the configs issue soon.