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  1. We're very excited to announce Retrospect 9 for Windows and Retrospect 11 for Mac. They both include block level incremental backup, a new dashboard, and improved email reporting, as well as improved disaster recovery on Windows. More details in our press release, our Windows release notes, and our Mac release notes. Special thanks to those of you in our preview group who helped identify issues. We will address many of the known issues (listed in the release notes) in a minor update later this month.
  2. bdunagan

    Block Level Backup for VMware

    Yes, that should work. Let us know how the backups go and if you have any issues.
  3. bdunagan

    Windows V9 slower than V8.5?

    That is a dramatic drop in performance. Could you contact our support team and attach your operations log (as a zip)? Then we can start trying to reproduce the issue ourselves.
  4. bdunagan

    Block Level Backup for VMware

    @J.R. Lillard Block level incremental backup works well with the VMware VMDK files for a VM, because they don't change significantly day-to-day. However, taking a snapshot through VMware generates new files that will need to be backed up. @aesmith We've verified that block level incremental backup works very well on PST files. We do have the feature off by default though. After you enable the option for the script you're using, the log will show that block level incremental backup is enabled and how many files are affected by it. For per-file logging of block level incremental backup's progress, you can turn the log level to 5 for "Engine" (see instructions) and look at the Operations Log.
  5. Please see our revised knowledge base article on email support and troubleshooting suggestions. While the email service support section applies to v11, the steps for better logging are also applicable to Mac v9/v10.
  6. bdunagan

    Retrospect 11 is out!

    Correct, there is an "Upgrade" prompt when you include an existing set in a script with block level incremental backup enabled. While the upgrade process is instant (setting a specific flag for the set), the set is no longer restorable by earlier versions. However, if you do not enable block level incremental backup, you can backup with v11 and restore with earlier versions. We also address this backwards compatibility in the documentation.
  7. bdunagan

    iOS 7 version, when?

    We are updating our app for iOS 7, but I don't think you need to wait for that to get per-app VPN support. That enterprise feature appears to be configurable by admins through a Mobile Device Management application (documentation).
  8. Sorry for the confusion. The "Update" menu item refers to the console, and the 10.5 console contains the engine installer inside. The 10.5 console should prompt you to upgrade the 9.0 engine and display a small upgrade icon next to the name in the left navigation. You can also extract the engine installer from the Preferences under Console. See our documentation for more information.
  9. We finally tracked down this console confusion issue (bug 3943). It will be fixed in the next release. (The SSH tunneling was not causing the problem.)
  10. Thanks for following up on this. Sorry you encountered the issue again. We're still trying to reproduce it.
  11. bdunagan

    Client config general tab

    Sorry for the confusion. Those client options are recent additions, and we haven't finished updating our documentation. You can find descriptions for them in the client section.
  12. We're interested in what kinds of backup strategies people have. Please fill out our short survey to tell us about your specific computer environment and backup strategy: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KSDYVNF Thanks!
  13. bdunagan

    Tell us about your backup strategy

    Thanks to everyone who already filled out our survey on backup strategies. Take a moment if you haven't yet. We read every response.
  14. That's excellent news. I spoke with support, and we can't reproduce it on the latest release either. Let me know if the issue comes up again.
  15. Sorry for not replying to this thread sooner. We've tried to reproduce this issue a number of times, but we haven't been able to. Could you contact our support team to work with them on it? Please reference issue 4131 and highlight the Nov 1 script change.
  16. bdunagan

    Error trying to post a reply

    Sorry for such a late reply to this. Robin and I saw the PHP error a number of times as well. It was cosmetic; the replies always went through. Our forum service (IP.Board) fixed it over the weekend, so the error shouldn't come up again.
  17. To maintain compatibility, you can use the Mac 9.0.2 client from our Archives: http://retrospect.com/en/support/archived. Both v9 and v10 servers can back it up.
  18. Sorry about the email issues. What version of the product are you using? There was a bug in a previous update that caused that sort of inconsistent behavior, so be sure to update to the latest version (10.5). It's free (and faster). If you still see the problem, please contact our support team with your email setup to figure out what the issue is.
  19. bdunagan

    Upgrading 10.2 to 10.5 issues

    The 10.5 console should show an update icon next to the server name in the left-hand navigation that you can click to update that server. The server installer is bundled in the console. If there's no icon, just go to Preferences => Console => "Export server installer..." to get it, and then run that installer to update to the latest server. Not sure why the download went too far. That's odd.
  20. Correct, compression is a script option and not a backup set option. Aside from both Proactive and regular backup scripts, compression is also an option for Copy Media Set and Copy Backup scripts, so you could compress a previously uncompressed backup during transfer. As you have seen, it is a one way option. True, it would be nice to have a better estimate on what the data will compress to but, unfortunately, this is very dependent on the type of data. Effectively, the more random the data, the less it compresses and many data types, such as JPEG, are already compressed and so do not compress further.
  21. I think that's a bug actually. The checkbox is specific to restores, and RCU updates should always work. We'll look into it for our next release.
  22. bdunagan

    Migrating Retro 8 to Retro 10

    Retrospect 10.5 is fully compatible with data written by Mac v8.2. For potential data loss questions like this, please contact our support team: http://retrospect.com/en/support/phone.
  23. bdunagan

    Updating clients

    No arguments here. The current client update process isn't great, and we do have plans for a much cleaner workflow.
  24. Yeah, not sure how the forum software formatted it that way. Here are Robin's summary and the release notes.
  25. We tried to reproduce this issue again, using different hardware and dozens of tests, but we still don't see it. If you have the time, it would be great if you could increase the devices logging level to include SCSI logging using "SetDevicesLogging=6" in the retro.ini file at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. You'll need to restart the engine for the log change to take effect. We'll be able to see how the device is responding and why Retrospect misses the eject information.