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  1. Let us know if relaunching the console fixes the issue. If it doesn't, could you enable debug logging for the console using the option in Secret Preferences and send us the output (from /Applications/Utilities/Console) in a support ticket? Just reference this thread. It should indicate what the issue is.
  2. Retrospect 9 for Mac did have issues with scripts, but those were addressed in version 10. @OrchardPost Please contact our support team, referencing this forum thread. When you do, please send the Retrospect log messages from /Applications/Utilities/Console.
  3. Very true. We encounter these issues as well in house. We plan to improve both feedback and the selection process in a future release.
  4. Those steps sound correct, but when you "quit", did you stop the server via System Preferences and then start it after the "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect" restore? Otherwise, the server would still be running in the background and using the initial blank catalog. Those settings are all stored in "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat", and the Media Set information is stored in "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Catalogs/" as a .rbc file. The "com.retrospect.Retrospect.plist" only contains the console's server listing, so it isn't essential for the restore.
  5. We're finalizing a minor update to address two issues we identified with OS X Yosemite. It should be out this week via auto-updates.
  6. That is surprising. Thanks for tracking down the issue. We'll look into why that scroll bar setting causes such a problem.
  7. Retrospect can experience issues when there are underlying hardware connection issues or failures. Please contact our support team (either by web ticket or phone), referencing this forum thread, so that we can help you resolve this issue quickly.
  8. Not a stupid question. The search box is hidden in the header, up at the top right. It searches our KB and documentation as well.
  9. @twickland I replied to this issue in the original thread.
  10. You're both quite right. It's confusing and has been since Mac v8.0. In Retrospect, the native rules UI (including the Restore Assistant's "Search for Files and Folders" UI) does not work like it does in other apps. While other apps (like Houdahspot and OS X Finder) rely on OS X native libraries to display the rule editor and use the resulting query to search data, Retrospect uses a cross-platform query language shared by the Windows product as well. However, there is a mismatch between what Retrospect's query language supports compared to OS X's. Retrospect supports nesting queries with "OR" at the first level, "AND" at the second level, and "NOT" at the third level: (1 OR ((NOT 2) AND 3)) but not (1 AND (2 OR 3)) nor (1 AND (NOT 2)). So in the UI, only "Any" is supported at the first level; only "All" is supported at the second level; and only "Not" is supported at the third level. It's not possible to disable any elements of the dropdown (as it's a standard OS X UI element), so Retrospect maps certain selections to more complicated queries ("Any" > "Not" becomes "Any" > "All" > "Not") and also ignores unsupported selections. In terms of @midavis's query, it's not possible to search for any of several filenames while limiting the results to an file ending. There is a known UI bug that the Rules editor supports "Not" at the second level (despite being "All" > "Not" internally) whereas the "Search for Files and Folders" Restore Assistant search only supports "All" > "Not". If you do find queries that should work according to the logic above but don't, please let us know, and we'll investigate them. You can find more general documentation about rules in our Mac User's Guide. Our Windows User's Guide includes screenshots of our custom UI (called selectors) on Windows. We're very sorry for the confusion over the UI. We do plan to improve the experience with a custom rule editor UI in a future release.
  11. We are still in the process of certifying OS X Yosemite 10.10, but we haven't encountered an issue with adding clients on v11.5.1.104. If you see this again, could you take a screenshot of the console (Cmd-Shift-4-Space) and take a sample of the "Retrospect" process in Activity Monitor?
  12. We are currently testing OS X Yosemite 10.10 (released on Thursday) to certify for v11.5.1.104, including possible issues with Instant Scan. We'll have more information mid-next week.
  13. bdunagan

    Not a true copy/clone

    In the Finder's "Get Info" window, the "More Information" section (or "Weitere Informationen") is populated from a different file in OS X. You can see that the information is lost if you copy the file to a USB and use "Get Info" in a different computer. Retrospect should not copy files that have not changed. Could you attach screenshots of your script? Specifically the "Summary", "Sources", "Destinations", and "Options" (Source > Macintosh) tabs.
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. We've confirmed this issue as well.
  15. Thanks for identifying this issue. It is a long-standing cosmetic bug due to caching; we verified it occurs on Mac 10.5 as well. Changing an option and then reverting updates the catalog's status. What strange errors did you see when locating the catalog? We verified that "Locate" works as expected.
  16. Great to hear it's working well for you. We added a number of performance and caching improvements to the console specifically for this use case.
  17. bdunagan

    What's new with 11.5.1?

    Thanks for the reminder. I added a post on the Latest News forum about it just now. The release notes are available on our Documentation page.
  18. Last week, we released minor updates to both our Windows and Mac products. Both address issues with Windows EFI support, RCU updating on Windows, and OS X Gatekeeper support. The release notes for Retrospect 9.5.1 for Windows and Retrospect 11.5.1 for Mac are available for full details. You can auto-update both Mac and Windows products from within the app or download the software directly from our Downloads page.
  19. The Windows software update should include a new RCU file named "Win_Client_Update_9_5_0_139_4.rcu" (note the "_4" at the end). This updated RCU file should fix this "error -1 (unknown)" error specifically (release notes). Let us know if you have issues with that file as well.
  20. Ah, I see the ticket. It would be great to see the same log for your environment when running the 11.0 Retrospect console for a baseline to compare against. Attaching it as a zipped text file to the ticket is fine.
  21. Sorry about the CPU issues. When you have a chance, could you enable logging on the console? Follow our "Advanced Logging Options" KB article to find Secret Preferences in the Retrospect console, and check "Log Retrospect messages". Then restart the Retrospect console, launch /Applications/Utilities/Console.app to see the messages, wait for the sync to finish, and send us the log from Console.app. That will help us pinpoint what the issue is.
  22. Excellent write-up. I'll send this along to Engineering.
  23. Last month, we came up with some crazy ways to destroy your data in our "Expect the Unexpected" video series. Who hasn't wanted to throw their computer into the pool? Now, it's your turn. We know there are great data recovery stories out there, and we want to hear them. Reply with your best Retrospect story for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. We'll pick the best one after August 1 and share it. Thanks!
  24. bdunagan

    glyphco.cpp Assertion Failure

    Thanks for posting this assert. We've identified and fixed the issue (#4670), and it will be in the next release.
  25. As the Help page describes, the original search feature was able to limit to specific forums among other filters. However, it throttled searches, so you couldn't search twice within ten seconds. Moreover, it limited searches to four characters or more, as @Scillonian pointed out. This limitation was particularly frustrating for people as many of our error codes are three digits, like 519. We switched the search feature on the forums last year from the built-in search to a Google site search, overlaid in the current page. The Google site search, accessible through the box at the top, searches our website as well as these forums to ensure people find any relevant information, including sections of our User's Guide and articles from our Knowledge Base. Similarly, the search box on the site includes the forums.