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    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    @sowen222 In v10, we added an SSL authentication checkbox for email to ensure Retrospect does not fall back from SSL to non-SSL if SSL authentication fails. This checkbox defaults to enabled, including on upgrades. And specifying a port ensures Retrospect attempts the connection on the correct one.
  2. @iCompute You're correct about the fallback. In 11.5 and earlier, Retrospect would attempt a secure authentication but fall back on an insecure authentication if the first failed. We added a new email checkbox to avoid that security issue. See our KB article for details. It's also listed in the Release Notes, but we've now updated those to include a link to the KB article as well.
  3. @LarryStone Sorry for the confusion. If you've purchased after February 1, contact our support team to get the free upgrade. We've updated the website's wording to be clearer about this.
  4. We're pleased to announce Retrospect 10 for Windows and Retrospect 12 for Mac. Both products are up to 100% faster overall with improved data grooming, detailed email subjects and summaries, and native 64-bit Linux support. Retrospect for Windows also now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Available immediately for download and purchase. More details in our post about the release, our Windows release notes, and our Mac release notes.
  5. Unfortunately, we still haven't reproduced this internally, so it's unclear. I would hold off on testing again until we can work with you to reproduce it.
  6. Thanks very much for your thoughtful suggestions! They're spot on, both in terms of the current issues with Instant Scan and how it can be improved. We'll include this in our discussions on the next steps for the feature. Thanks again! @Thelander Good point. We've discussed storing a USN journal timestamp per set as a way around this.
  7. bdunagan

    import old catalog

    For a set created by version 6.1, Retrospect 9 won't be able to read the original catalog; you'll need to rebuild the catalog using the original media. See our documentation for more information.
  8. Thanks for the writeup and screenshots. That is very odd behavior. We'll look into how the console could get into that type of state.
  9. Good to hear that the feature is now working for you, but the issue we fixed was introduced in v11.0. You first saw the issue on v10.1. We still haven't been able to reproduce this problem internally, so you still might encounter it again. In terms of the zero-second verification pass, we're looking into that.
  10. Yes, sorry for the delay. It wasn't included in 11.5.3, but we plan to fix it in the next release.
  11. Today's minor update addresses this issue.
  12. Today, we released minor updates to both our Windows and Mac products. The release notes for Retrospect 9.5.3 for Windows and Retrospect 11.5.3 for Mac are available for full details. You can auto-update both Mac and Windows products from within the app or download the software directly from our Downloads page.
  13. Yes, we're finalizing a minor update that includes a fix for this.
  14. We have identified the problem, and we're testing the fix now.
  15. Thanks for reporting these issues. We've identified a number of bugs related to "Copy Backup", and they will be fixed in the next release.
  16. The exclusions are stored in "/Library/Preferences/retclient.dat", as a set of paths separated by newlines. You can verify by going to the client preference pane in System Preferences and adding one in the Privacy tab. The password is stored in "/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state". For distributing the client across multiple machines, you can use public/private keypairs (documentation) to get around manually entering the password on the client.
  17. We are investigating this issue now. I'll post back when I have more information.
  18. Thanks for finding this. The option-8 privacy setting should only apply to Mac clients (when enabled), but you're right that the engine treats them differently as well. We created bug #5035 to track this, and it will be fixed in the next release.
  19. Thanks for reporting this. We found this recently as well. It's fixed and will be included in the next update.
  20. Thanks for identifying this. It is indeed a bug. We have a fix for it, but in the mean time, using console, you can work around it by setting the activity thread to any number then setting it again to the number you want. When you click "Save", you should see the number stick, and you can verify it in Activities with the "#" column.
  21. Last week, we released minor updates to both our Windows and Mac products. Both address issues with OS X Yosemite and Instant Scan. The release notes for Retrospect 9.5.2 for Windows and Retrospect 11.5.2 for Mac are available for full details. You can auto-update both Mac and Windows products from within the app or download the software directly from our Downloads page.
  22. You can find all our old versions on our Archives page.
  23. I see your comment from 2013 about the "Recycle source Media Set after successful copy", but issue #4557 referenced in the release notes was introduced in the v11.0.0 release in March (and fixed in v11.0.1). That said, we found and fixed other data scenarios similar to #4557 as well, so v11.0.1 and v11.5 might fix your issue. Without being able to reproduce your issue, we can't say for certain. From the logs in this thread, it looks like you've seen several different bugs: * "Verify" pass is sometimes too fast: We'll look into this. * "Recycle destination" option might have bugs: We'll look into this, but we tested this a number of times while trying to reproduce what you're seeing, along with our normal testing. We still haven't found a problem with this option. * "Recycle source Media Set after successful copy": The issue you see here is connected to the one above, as it transfers too little and says it's successful. Is this correct? * File counts being off by small numbers: This might be due to how we count hard links. We'll look into this. Let me know if I missed something.
  24. Sorry again for not following up sooner. The bug fix you mentioned from the release notes applies to a "Copy Backup" script that recycles both the destination (first) and then the source (last) sets--different from your scenario. We haven't been able to reproduce your issue, but it's on our bug list. What is your current workaround if you don't use "Copy Backup" or "Copy Media Set" scripts?
  25. We haven't been able to reproduce this issue. What we do see is that after one duplicates a script, the console continues to highlight the original script instead of the new duplicate copy. However, changing the script after it's running should not affect the currently running activity.