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  1. Response from tech support: Agent Response: If you are using Retrospect 7.7, then you must click the link inside the Disaster Recovery Wizard that will take you to our website. Backup>Disaster Recovery. Then click "download the Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD Image". You then will type your license code and download the boot image you can use to restore 2008 server. Directions are also found in your User's Guide addendum in the Retrospect Documentation folder
  2. The version of Multi server is 7.6.123
  3. Hello I am in the process of doing a Disaster recovery for a server running 2008 version 6.0.6001 , unfortunately I do not have the media for such an outdated OS. My plan was to use the process of creating a bootable CD to restore it to the previous date. Problem is that option "CD-r disc image" is greyed out, using instructions only requires the install cd. a screen print is attached. Is there anyway to fool Retrospect to completely overwrite the data on the drive or if possible make that option "cd disc image" available?
  4. bhill0429

    Error 1017 on Netapp

    Looks as if it was a DNS issue
  5. Multi Server 7.6.123 on Win 2003 R2 Target share on Netapp FAS2020 - 3 shares the account has full access to each share. Looking for alittle help, after a few hours of searching all I found was the MS VSS problem. Problem is the Netapp isnt a MS device volume shadow copy doesnt apply. Is there away to tell Retrospect to ignore the permission? Thanks in advance