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  1. Ok.. I think I've recovered.... I added in my usual computer startup password.. and now have everything back. Maybe I "deleted" the server by accident? and then was forced to add it back in.. and didn't put my computer password in there.... So glad its all back... but I have no idea what happened here! thanks jen
  2. I think i've lost access to my "server" now... I added a server as the screen i was stuck on requested... Its come up and nothing associated with it.. I have a hard drive crash (external) and really need to restore it... help appreciated.. (I'm also downloading the retro update 10 right now.. but not sure thats going to help?? thanks jen
  3. Version 9.0.2 (107) Hello.. After pausing a restore, a "welcome to retrospect" page came up, and I can't get out of it. The menu bar is greyed out, with "resume all" etc there, but will not respond. I have the large red logo, "welcome to retrospect" "select "new" from the File menu of click the + button to add server,'= I think this happened after I had to force quit program when it got stuck on previewing the backup set. I"ve used RS for many many years. Never had this issue before, so not sure what I did here.. But I need to access my backups, and can't. Have restarted program and computer (mac os 10.68.) Would apprciate any help or hints. (I tried removing the prefs folder but that made no difference)
  4. I also have many older backup sets... and a bit concerned about my upgrade retrospect 9 being able to deal with them. Thanks..
  5. HI.. I have just upgraded to Retro 9 because I could not backup large files sizes with older version. I now realise that I cannot backup 3 Terrabyte drive to FILE as mac is limited to 2 Tbyte files. I want to back up to 7 terrbyte firewire drive. How do I backup my 3 T drive? I can't seem to choose backup files or folders to partially backup in several sets. Thanks.. jen