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  1. I haven't been able to get email notifications from Retrospect lately. In my efforts to troubleshoot the problem, I changed "Networking" from 3 to 7 in Secret Preferences. The operations report has the following log entries: performClientHandshake: begining handshake performClientHandshake: sending token received from InitializeSecurityContextW doClientHandshakeLoop: scRet error after InitializeSecurityContextW, 0x90320 E-mail notification failed: error -592 (invalid response from SMTP server) I can't find any information about what this means in Retrospect. I have found in some unrelated forums that error 0x90320 typically signifies an invalid Client Authentication certificate, but I do not know how that would apply to Retrospect. I first started having problems when my ISP rolled out a new email server, and I was unable to send messages from any applications for more than a month. That has been resolved, except that I am still having trouble with Retrospect notifications. The only setting I have changed in Retrospect is the email password. I am using Retrospect Desktop for Windows version, running on Windows 10. My outgoing mail server is set to smtp.windstream.net:465. I have checked the boxes for "My outgoing server requires authentication" and "My outgoing server supports SSL." These are consistent with the settings I use to send email from other email clients (Thunderbird, and my cell phone email). If I uncheck either of these options I get an error 519 (Network communication failed) when I try to send a test message. I have tried contacting the ISP and they could not help. They claimed the problem had to be with Retrospect since other email clients are able to send messages. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here with troubleshooting?
  2. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    What is "thorough rebuild" and how do I change it?

    Yes, it seems that Fast Rebuild is obsolete with the latest version. There doesn't seem to be an alternative to thorough rebuild, but apparently it doesn't affect performance. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    What is "thorough rebuild" and how do I change it?

    I have noticed that my backup logs recently have said at the beginning "using thorough rebuild." That sounds like more than is needed on a daily basis. Daily backups can be many gigabytes and take a long time. I don't remember seeing that in the past, and I can't find anything in the documentation about it. I have had to make recycle backups for both of my backup sets recently, so I don't have records showing if backups have always used thorough rebuild or if that is something new. What does it mean to use a thorough rebuild for every normal backup? Is it desirable? Is there a way to choose a different option? I am using Retrospect Desktop for Windows, version 11.
  4. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    uninstalling v10 client from linux

    One thing to be aware of: This procedure does not remove the line /usr/local/retrospect/client/rcl start from the file /etc/rc.local If you reinstall the client and accept the option to start the client when the computer starts, you will wind up with two copies of the command in the file. The task manager will report two instances of retroclient running.
  5. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    Error -557 (transaction already complete) for Linux client

    Thank you. That did help with reinstalling the client. Unfortunately, the error 557 is still occurring during backups.
  6. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    uninstalling v10 client from linux

    Your instructions worked for me. I wish more English-speaking people could write as well as you do. I would not have guessed that you had trouble with English.
  7. I have been having a problem with this error message for close to a year. I am fairly certain it started when I upgraded to Retrospect Desktop for Windows 9.5 about a year ago, although I don't have records to verify that. I have two clients, one running Windows 10 and the other Xubuntu 14.04. I back up to external hard drives. Backups of the desktop and the Windows client execute without problems, but with the Linux client I get the error message on nearly every backup. It is totally unpredictable. I just started a new (recycled) backup set a few days ago. On the first attempt to back up the entire client, the error occurred after the first 203 MB. On the second attempt it completed 1.3 GB. On the third try it made it all the way to 20.3 GB, failing with just 384 MB remaining. On a fourth try it appears to have completed the remaining files. It always occurs on the main source (/). Retrospect backs up four other sources (/run, /run/shm, /run/user and /dev) without the error. (/run/user always fails because of insufficient permissions.) The trouble is that I don't know how reliable the backup is. When it fails, no snapshot is created and the backup is not verified. The error message does not say what file is being processed when the error occurs. I don't have a lot of trust in my backup sets after weeks or months of frequent errors. I installed the client by running Install.sh after extracting from the x86 .tar file downloaded from the Retrospect site. My backups ran successfully with the previous version of Retrospect. I don't remember how I dealt with the older client when I installed the 9.5 upgrade, but I am pretty certain that I just installed the upgrade over the previous client. Yesterday I searched for instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling the Linux client, but I couldn't find any instructions that I could understand or follow. One message on this forum had links to a couple of kb articles on uninstalling the client, but the links were no longer valid. The problem has persisted through several recycle backups, a clean reinstallation of Windows 7 and Retrospect Desktop 9.5 on the host computer, and an upgrade to Windows 10 on the host. It occurs with both backup sets. I know the client is written for Red Hat Linux, but I never had problems until the last upgrade, and the Install.sh script contains some lines specifically for installation on Ubuntu systems. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
  8. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    Retrospect has forgotten my registration code and history

    That seems to have fixed it. My file is named config77.dat--perhaps Retrospect did not rename the file when upgrading from 7 to 8. Also the path was C:\Users\All Users\Retrospect. (Had me worried for a bit because Windows was not allowing access to the Documents and Settings folder. From what I read, Win7 creates a shortcut by that name for backward compatibility but the files are really in other locations.) Near as I can tell, something seems to have caused config77.dat to be overwritten by the older config75.dat file, or maybe Retrospect tried to access the older file instead. But what could possibly have caused that?
  9. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    Retrospect has forgotten my registration code and history

    Strange behavior: I started Retrospect this evening, expecting to see just the status monitor telling me it was executing my daily backup script. Instead, Retrospect started and the status bar reported that execution failed on 11/22/2010. There was also a dialog prompting me to enter my license code for the newly upgraded program. I have not installed an upgrade any time recently. I entered my existing license, for version 8.5 for Windows 7, and it accepted it. But the history only covers Sept. to Nov. 2010 events. There are two pairs of backup sets--two of backup set A and two of backup set B. One of each is for an old backup set, and when I look at properties it prompts me for the location of the catalog file. The other two are for my current backup sets, and they appear to be complete. But the script was looking for the old backup sets. I had to select the new backup sets for destinations. The script appears to be intact otherwise, although the two Proactive backups for clients have disappeared. Has this happened to other people? Any idea what might have caused it, and is there anything I need to do about it? I am running Retrospect Professional 8.5 for Windows, with Windows 7 Professional. My backup sets are external hard drives connected through a USB port.
  10. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    E-mail Notification Not Working in 8.1

    I am using Windows 7.Professional SP1, version 6.1.7601. It did not work until I added the port number. (It still does not work using an smtp server that is not secure. I get an error message that the e-mail address is bad.)
  11. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    E-mail Notification Not Working in 8.1

    This solved the problem for me, using port number 465. I believe that is the common smtp secure server port number. (Note that I had not used e-mail notification before I upgraded to 8.1. It does appear to be the same problem, though.)
  12. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    Spanning two hard disks in one backup set

    Instead of buying a larger capacity backup disk, I want to make a backup set that spans two external hard drives. Retrospect says that a backup set can span multiple hard drives, but I can't find much detail. It gets a little complicated to have both drives connected to the computer at the same time--two different power supplies for the disks and two USB ports occupied--so I would prefer to have only one drive connected to the computer at a time. This is the first time I have had more than one member in a hard drive backup set, and I have a few questions: 1) When running in its normal, behind-the-scenes mode, is Retrospect capable of notifying me when it needs access to the other disk? Most of the time I can get only the activity monitor when Retrospect is running, and I cannot find out the status of a backup. 2) I see options for Retrospect either to ask me for a new disk when one is full or to groom the existing disk. Can I configure it to use both members of the backup set, then start grooming? 3) Suppose Retrospect prompts me for the other disk, but Windows tells me the current disk is in use and shouldn't be removed. I get that message often when I try to use "Safely Remove Hardware" to switch between backup sets, even when Retrospect isn't running and no other program should be using that disk. A lot of times I have to shut down the computer to disconnect the disk. What would I do in this situation? I am using Retrospect Professional 8.0.0 in Windows 7.
  13. 4ae138d9-ebc1-4e9d-923b-02b9a6d6bd35

    Error: Backup Set Format Inconsistency

    A few days ago my backup produced an error: Grooming Backup Set Backup Set A failed, error -1017 ( insufficient permissions) You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File. I have not reviewed my entire history, but I don't think that error has occurred before. When I tried to recreate the catalog file I got another error: Can't load Snapshot tree, error -641 ( chunk checksum didn't match) Rather than fuss with these problems I decided to start over from scratch by doing a recycle backup. So far that has produced 56 errors along the lines of Backup Set format inconsistency (6 at 492295313) (each error is the same except for the 9-digit address). After those errors, the log reports: To Backup Set Backup Set A... 11/2/2011 10:02:13 AM: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset - 11/2/2011 10:02:13 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:) It is now copying files from C: Are the format inconsistency errors a problem, or were the problems erased when the backup set was reset? If they are a problem, what should I do? I am using Retrospect Professional 7.7.562 Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 The backup set is an external hard drive connected through a USB 2.0 port. I have one client running Windows XP, but the errors are not occurring during the client backup.