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    Retrospect Express 6.5 Restore Stops @ Snapshot
  1. 3f1bd2de-a3da-4e18-b459-39dbaf5a1ef3

    Retrospect Express 6.5 Restore Stops @ Snapshot

    Hope I can find some help with Retrospect Express 6.5. I have used this product successfully many times in the past to both back up and restore not only my WinXP images/data but also others. I have used RE 6.5 to perform at least four WinXP restores over the last 3-4 years. Recently WinXP failed to startup on one of my desktop computers, giving only blinking cursor on screen. Diagnostic of drive showed no drive problems. Diagnostic on computer showed no computer problems. I re-installed WinXP from MS Recovery CD and re-installed RE 6.5 from CD. Both appeared to operate without flaw just as in prior recovery attempts. RE 6.5 recovered catalogs from backup drive. RE 6.5 restore function appeared to operate perfectly until the very end of the process. RE 6.5 indicates all files have been restored and then attempts to restore Snapshot. At this point RE reports fatal error and closes, indicating a report (assert_log) was generated. WinXP also reports errors and requests insertion of recovery CD to recover system files overwritten by the RE restore function. WinXP continues to function and will boot, but the restore has not finished properly and the backup image is not active. RE 6.5 Execusion History doesn't show this execusion in the history, but does show multiple backups that were completed over the last several years. I've searched for the assert_log but cannot find it. This particular computer was using Norton Symantec Antivirus, but was migrated to McAfee Antivirus about 6 months ago. Besides this change and WinXP pushed updates, no other change of substance has been made on this computer for several months. Any ideas out there regarding how to recover? Any help will be greatly appreciated. ewoodnet