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  1. 1374920125D28DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect doesn't start scheduled tasks until i open Console

    Oh, i agree, and it is only a temp solution until i buy a new NAS, but i can't do it before late September at best. But anyway, that would explain some slowness, but not the 2 issues i see there. I'm still thinking about upgrading Retrospect to v12 or simply get rid of it and do all by hand using rsync and some other command-line tools. This kind of problems don't push in favor of Retrospect tho.
  2. I had Retrospect 10.5 running on a Mac OS 10.7 Server for some time, it worked mostly well beside being very very slow. I recently moved this 10.7 Server to a virtual Machine on ESXi and upgraded the OS to 10.8 Server. Since that, i often have 2 issues : - some scheduled backups are hanging on "preparing backup". Stopping the backup (or kill the engine when the stop doesn't work) and launch it manually works. - sometimes, scheduled tasks don't launch at all. But connecting to the Console launch them (i see the start time to the current time) Is there any known issue between 10.8, Retrospect 10.5 and/or virtual machines ? Data source is on an iSCSI volume, Data destination was on a firewire disk before migration and is connected by USB since migration.
  3. 1374920125D28DE1E040000A2A666149

    Can't backup a 9.0.2 client since i've upgraded to 10.1

    I can't install a 10.x client on a OSX 10.5 ...
  4. Hi, Since i've upgraded my Retrospect Server to 10.1, i can't backup one of my clients. Server : Retrospect 10.1 on Mac OS X Server 10.7.5 Client : Retrospect Client 9.0.2 on Mac OS X Server 10.5.8 The error i constantly get is -505 (client reserved). I tried all on the client, uninstall, reinstall, killing all process, removing all the prefs files, restart the server. Also, on the server i tried to remove the client from the list of source and to add it again. When i add it, it takes ages to be added and finally i can't see any volume and when i try to backup all, i get again the -505 error. Is anyone having an idea on it ? I'm a bit lost on this one. Thanks
  5. 1374920125D28DE1E040000A2A666149

    Upgrade From 8.x To 9, Where I Go ?

    When the 8 version beta of Restrospect went out, i started to test it. It was a hard work to make it approximately work. Then, in may 2009, I bought a license for a Single Server with 20 clients with ASM to support the team in their job of creating a totally new software, even if there were a lot of bugs... In September 2011, i bought a server client license with ASM. Since the beginning, I still have a lot of unfixed bugs that I should turn around. Sometimes, I need to totally wipe my backup and start a new one just because Retrospect think the backup is damaged and can't repair it for example. I was waiting for a more stable 8.3 version and now, what I have is a paid 9.x option... As you said (mayoff) in some posts, the update is not only a bug fix update, ok, but what I really needed WAS a bug fix... So the choice is made and the update is here. Now, I just don't know how to upgrade and at what price ? My ASM seems to be ended since a long time, but NEVER someone asked me if I would like to renew it. I someone asked me I would have done it, but noone did... Now, if I go to the website and I put my ServerLicence to know the upgrade price, it says me that no upgrade is available. I read in a post that some had a way to renew their ASM, how ? Which price ? Can I ? And what about the Server Client licenses bought in september ? Thanks for your answers.