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  1. Hello, sorry for a very simple question but I can't find the uninstaller for Retrospect 17 for Mac. It's not in the installer package and I looked around the retrospect website for over an hour and couldn't find. Unfortunately, I have been using Retrospect for many years so sort of tied to it, but I would never recommend it to others at this point. There is a tremendous amount of troubleshooting and bugs with new releases and I'm not paying to troubleshoot their software. I dread to think what the current retrospect engine is doing to my macOS, and have found that it's better to just have a dedicated mac to run it (single server) and not use the mac for other purposes . Sorry for the rant. thanks
  2. d37fc1fe-a25d-4df0-9b52-cb21971f1fde

    how to fix Startup Item RetroRun

    Hello, I was trouble-shooting something else and moved the file RetroRun from StartupItems to another folder (disabled StartupItems); after I finished my troubleshooting, I moved it back and receive this message on starting up my Mac Pro running OS10.6.8: Insecure Startup Item disabled. "/Library/StartupItems/RetroRun" has not been started because it does note have the proper security settings. How do I fix this? I can just uninstall and then reinstall Retrospect 8 but don't want to lose my scripts, sources, etc. Running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399). Advice much appreciated. thanks
  3. d37fc1fe-a25d-4df0-9b52-cb21971f1fde

    how to fix Startup Item RetroRun

    This is useful info - thanks! The other issue is that the retrospect engine won't run. I assume the easiest fix is to uninstall and then reinstall. How can I save my scripts and the like, or do I need to re-enter everything?
  4. d37fc1fe-a25d-4df0-9b52-cb21971f1fde

    Filevault Volumes In Retrospect 8

    Does Retrospect recognize filevault user volume when backing up clients? I tried to backup the entire disk while logged into the filevault volume on a mac running 10.6.8 or as a non-filevault user, but didn't seem be getting backed up based on size of backup files. thanks