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  1. e97eda29-1364-44e7-a9ac-e922f8fb24c0

    Exchange 2007 and Error 3405

    When doing a backup of all mailboxes each mailbox begins to back up, but after about 20 megs of mail has been copied, the rest of the mailbox errors out with nothing but the following types of messages. File "xxxxxxxx\Tasks\00000000076aae4646b50844992ddd6a70ebfc730700d3504ef8dd7fba469bda4d41d69c5df90031e4fa9cb900000ebd54e325cc124c8d158f4deb347261003451e316020000": can't read, error -3405 ( unknown) File "xxxxxxx\Tasks\00000000076aae4646b50844992ddd6a70ebfc730700d3504ef8dd7fba469bda4d41d69c5df90031e4fa9cb900000ebd54e325cc124c8d158f4deb347261003451e316030000": can't read, error -3405 ( unknown) The weird thing is, that every time I back up I get another (new) 20MB of mail before it errors out. I've looked at the KB article, I'm using an RBU. I've relicensed exchange. It does this regardless of the storage device, and does it on brand new catalogs. I've updated the MAPI components. I've even wiped out my configuration for Retrospect, uninstalled and then reinstalled the whole thing. The behaviour is identical every time. I also dismounted and scanned the databases for errors, with no results. I'm at a complete loss. Any ideas?
  2. e97eda29-1364-44e7-a9ac-e922f8fb24c0

    Automatic Rebuild Catalog

    I'm working on a backup system that is designed to be as 'hands off' as possible for the client. This system backs up over a network connection. Everything works fine, but once in a while there's a network failure which desyncs or corrupts the catalog file associated with whatever backup set was in progress at the time. This isn't a big deal - I manually rebuild the catalog and everything is fine again. With that said, the rebuilds don't take very long, and I'd like to automatically rebuild the catalogs periodically, so that if there's a network failure I don't need to manually intervene. However, I don't see a way to create a script that will do this. Does anyone know of a way to automatically rebuild the catalogs on a schedule?