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    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion
  1. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    Well, mine was a problem where it wouldn't run at all. I've since been able to fix it - by upgrading my computer to Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I really hate being a toady for MS Windows 7, but a fresh install or Retrospect after the fresh install of Win7Pro64 was a good thing. Joy
  2. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that my husband didn't tell me about it until some time had passed, the backups were no longer current. So not only am I spending the money, I couldn't use the program for the very reason I purchased it. Figures.
  3. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    In intend to install from scratch. The XP is a two generation upgrade from Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE. Yes, it's more tedious that way, but it's time to get rid of the chaff. All the data will go into a 'Windows.old' for later migration with USMT.
  4. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    When my own Retrospect 7.6 cra.. failed, I tried to reinstall it, stripped out all the backup scripts and backup sets, and uninstalled Retrospect, stripped out the registry entries, then reinstalled. When that didn't work, I tried to upgrade to 7.7 (That's a $49 upgrade from 7.6? Holy cow.) Same thing. Still hosed. Then I ordered the Windows 7 Pro 64bit, which is what we use at work. Haven't yet received it, but I'll install it when it gets here. Had I realized it was the .net update, I wouldn't have bothered to do all of that. This little glitch has cost me almost $200! Funny thing, this has happened before, when perusing the old Dantz forums for answers.
  5. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    Both the windows drive and the drive where the backup files are kept are six-month old 1TB SATA II Seagates. Neither show errors in the logs. Again, I start Retrospect, the system screeches to a crawl. Quit Retrospect and the system is back to normal. No other programs exhibit this behavior. If it were a hardware error, the symptoms would be different.
  6. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    I saw that same update come through last week on both of my XP computers. And thinking about it, I think I've seen signs of it at work, too. I've ordered Windows 64 Pro, as I'd intended to do for some time, and the intention is to install it and see if that fixes the problem. Hopefully, we'll be seeing an update at some near date. I, too, have been using Retrospect for many years and this is more than an inconvenience. Thank you for working this out.
  7. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    Just to add a bit, I tried to get it working again this evening. Please note that when I start Retrospect, the system crawls. When I quit Retrospect, everything is back to normal. Starting Retrospect gives the splash for three minutes before the skeleton of the application window comes open. The window fills in around three minutes or so later, but all controls are grayed out. There was no further change and I killed it at 15 minutes. Uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch was no better. To the best of my knowledge, there was no new software installed in the past two months except for Microsoft updates. And until five weeks ago, Retrospect has been running great for the past eleven years.
  8. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Autostart Problems

    Perhaps the program is running in a different profile? I'd switch to the different user and see if the interface is visible. Joy
  9. 137491A3BACF8DE1E040000A2A666149

    Retrospect Runs In Slow Motion

    Recently have been experiencing Extremely slow behavior in Retrospect. I'm using 7.6, though had been using 7.5 when this started. Retrospect is running on a Windows XP system and backing up the one computer onto an alternating file backup set. The backup sets are on a separate drive. The file system is NTFS. The account usually running the backups at night has admin rights. The behavior is that upon start, the splash comes up and stays there for minutes - about ten. Then the Retrospect application window starts up and slowly creates the various elements. After a while, it seems to speed up a bit, but there is still an obviously delay. Typing a command can take two minutes to result in some action, if it happens at all. The disk is solid pretty mucn constant - but there is no execution running. Here's the odd part. I patiently went through this long startup and *finally* got Retrospect to run. More patiently than a cat, I gradually eliminated scripts and other settings that should have had some effect on the symptoms. I forgot the backup sets on the D: drive. I 'unbuilt' the backup script. I deleted the backup script. I moved the backup files to a different folder. I set all the preferences to default. I paid for the 7.7 update. There are no automated backups. There are no backup sets. I 'forgot' an extra drive that we periodically use to make disk copy backups. There's nothing running. There is nothing to run with. Later, I moved the Retrospect.ini out onto the desktop and restarted the program. And it still takes many minutes to start up and minutes between each command. I still get every bit the same symptoms. My next attempt will probably be to remove Retrospect and rip out the associated items in Regedit. However, I thought I'd ask here in case someone might have a less drastic suggestion. Thanks, Joy