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  1. f2874092-d193-4a05-af10-91b41642e938

    Window Focus Bug

    I'm also having this problem and even though I upgraded my OS thinking that this could solve it and I can still use the software without this annoying bug it didn't work out that great. Restrospect express keeps on bothering me. I thought it might not be that compatible to my OS but it wasn't the case I guess. Roxio should try to check this since this could stress a lot of buyers of this product. I also uninstalled the software since its getting on my nerves already. I like the product but I'm done with this problem.
  2. f2874092-d193-4a05-af10-91b41642e938

    Trial Version Yes Or No?

    If in any case you could just try to uninstall the software (trial version). I haven't encountered any problem installing the trial version but as you have said you just came from your system having a crash. The trial version will definitely overwrite the Retrospect Express if this is what you are using in your computer. I suggest you have a look again if you want to upgrade and try the trial version.