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  1. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Can't Access Volume Error -505

    I switched the script options to "Media Verification" from "Thorough Verification" and that helped a ton but I still get four "-1101 errors" with the description "can't read security information" Does this help me narrow down the issue? I would prefer to use thorough verification.
  2. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Can't Access Volume Error -505

    I have been able to get the windows client to respond, thanks! But now I have another issue. Everytime I run this same script it takes upwards of 5 days when going through the comparing stage. It gets multiple errors all the same and really slows it down: "can't read, error -1101 (unknown)" What can I do to not get these repeating errors? Thank you for all your help.
  3. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Can't Access Volume Error -505

    This morning I opened up a Retrospect Client from a third machine running OSX 10.6.8 and Client 8.2.0(399). I went to sources tab and clicked "browse" on the windows 7 machine that I have been getting the -505 error. It opened up the file structure and showed me all the files available. I then manually started the script and it now appears to be running ok. Why would this script be having trouble accessing the volume on its own? I don't want to have to manually start this script every day.
  4. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Can't Access Volume Error -505

    The script I am running has only this volume as the only source and when I run it manually it gives me the -505 error.
  5. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Can't Access Volume Error -505

    I will try to answer all questions with this reply: The Retrospect Server is version - 8.2.0 - (399) and is on a Mac running OSX - 10.5.8 The Volume "Backups" is located on a Windows 7 machine with Retrospect Client - 7.7.114 The script I am running is a scheduled backup, when I browse sources I can see the Windows 7 machine and the volume "backups". This source is not a removable volume. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  6. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Can't Access Volume Error -505

    I am not sure what the issue is here. From the server I can access the source and browse the file structure but when I run the script it gives me the following: "Can't access volume Backups on XXXX, error -505 ( unknown)" The Server is on a mac but the client in question is running on a windows machine. The software is up to date on both the client and server ends. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks
  7. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Error -1101

    UPDATE: I found an answer to this by contacting customer support directly through email. My Inquiry: "I am trying to have Retrospect 8.2.0 run backups on two of my mac clients running OS 10.6.8. The issue I have is that I am running them after office hours when the machines have been logged off. They are both set to never sleep, and are still on but no user is logged in. The error I receive is Error -1101 - "can't access volume". How can I get Retrospect to run these backups after hours? What systems settings do I need on the Clients machines and the Retrospect Server?" Customer Service response. "I understand you need assistance with Retrospect and backing up 2 clients 10.6.8. For those Mac's to backup you will need to have the computers lock the screens, and no longer log out. It is a known bug with Retrospect but the cause is Apple changed the way the Mac log in and log out. Sincerely, Roxio Retrospect Customer Care" After using the above method the backup runs correctly.
  8. 3ed78191-388c-4907-abf8-77ba017688d2

    Error -1101

    I have 2 clients that both get Error -1101 - "can't access volume" These errors happen when running a script for an automated backup after the computers are logged off for the night. The user is logged out but the computer is not off and is set to never sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this error? Thanks