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    Supported Devices - Ibm Ts3200 Lto5?
  1. ee7eb8de-81ad-4a27-a2f1-ec8107f8034e

    Retrospect keeps loosing members from backup sets

    I have seen this once in 13.01, reindexing did solve the issue. But it is not an option if this will be a regular thing. So I'm installing 13.5 and it is hopefully fixed.
  2. ee7eb8de-81ad-4a27-a2f1-ec8107f8034e

    Supported Devices - Ibm Ts3200 Lto5?

    Hello On my way to buy a LTO-5 library from IBM, the TS3100 or TS3200 LTO5 SAS seems to be a good option, but I'm not able to get confirmation from Retrospect supported device matrix on whether Retrospect 8.2 supports it. It supports this specific Library but one can not see if the LTO5 together with this particular library is supported. Does anyone have further information on this matter? Thanks in advance Björn KVOS - ODDI Printing ps.Retrospect users since beginning of time R8.2.0 (399) Multi Server, MacPro 1.1 OS X 10.6.7 ATTO UL5D, LVD SCSI AIT5 in Qualstar library, have been very stable since 8.2