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    H2 Repair Catalogue From /rdb Files
  1. 1374920359668DE1E040000A2A666149

    H2 Repair Catalogue From /rdb Files

    Thanks. This did get me started. Restored a number of backups, but not all. (342 files totaling 174GB) 1: Message stated that said "disk backup set data file xxx Reported Missing by User". Log showed tons of "missing" data sets, but I can see them all on the backup drive, and they all say they have tons of data. How do I restore these??? 2: Have AA000000.rdb through AA000532.rdb remaining. This equates to 252 files with 50GB of data. Directory also has a file: rdb_del.log. That's all in that directory (1-Backup Set D). Any help in restoring these files would be most appreciated, I'm running Retrospect Express on a 32 bit XP machine.
  2. 1374920359668DE1E040000A2A666149

    H2 Repair Catalogue From /rdb Files

    Have been backing up pc to Iomega external drive with the retrospect application that came bundled with the drive. (don't know what version). All backup files are on this external drive in .rdb format. Installed new internal drive when old drive died. downloaded new version of retrospect express, and tried to restore from backup. retrospect did not "see" the backup files. tried to use the repair catalogue function, but retrospect looking for .rbf or .rbc formats. how do i restore my backups? any help appreciated.