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    Usb Drives & Retrospect

    Recently purchased three of Iomega eGo 500GB Black Belt for Windows with Retrospect Express 7,7 and there were not any errors in doing backups on three setups with three laptops. One laptop even has another USB data drive attached and that is included in the backup. I have a totally different problem but not associated with the USB drives, rather with something in the software I do not understand.
  2. 137491AC53B18DE1E040000A2A666149

    Uncompressed Selection Is Ignored

    Is this a software bug or am I doing something wrong? Saturday installed downloaded Retrospect Express 7.7.341 for Windows on two laptops, one Windows 7 and one Windows Vista. Each laptop has a new Iomega USB external drive connected that has is set up for Windows. Each laptop has roughly 30-60 GB of data. Used the Wizard to create a script. Script is set up to copy all files from the each C drive to its specific connected USB external drive. Then Uncompressed was selected, because I want to be able view the files as they appear on my C drive using Windows Explorer, at any time, and to be able to drill down into a specific file even if my laptop were destroyed and I had to use a different computer. I also checked the box on the final screen of the wizard that asks about "do you want a backup now?". After the backup was completed, when I looked at the USB files, they were all compressed files. Thinking that perhaps the "backup now" used some kind of a dealt script, I waited until the 10PM scheduled backup, and this morning when I checked the USB drives, the files are still compressed. To be clear, I want to be able to look for a xxxxx.doc file on the USB drive an be able to directly view it and then copy it back to wherever I want a copy. Is this a software bug or am I doing something wrong?