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    Restore Points Not Showing Up
  1. 22ea50b1-bcfb-408b-92a1-d55a123c1e20

    Restore Points Not Showing Up

    Yep, that did the trick. Unfortunately, the files that are lost were not the ones that I had chosen to backup. At least I know now and can access the other data as needed. Thanks much!
  2. 22ea50b1-bcfb-408b-92a1-d55a123c1e20

    Restore Points Not Showing Up

    Thank you for the suggestion! I'll give that a shot and report back.
  3. 22ea50b1-bcfb-408b-92a1-d55a123c1e20

    Restore Points Not Showing Up

    Hi, I'm using an Iomega StorCenter ix2 which came with Retrospect Express HD. I set up our users to do automatic backups. In one case, I had to wipe the user's drive and reinstall the system from scratch. In doing so, I lost a few files that the user wanted. So now I am trying to access her backup from the StorCenter through Retrospect Express HD and getting absolutely nowhere. Retrospect interaface is basically useless and that combined with the Iomega software (which sends me to the NAS interface through a browser and supposedly triggers some script that connects it to Express) makes it impossible for me to know what the relationship is between the user identities and the restore points. I log in as the user and her username in the StorCenter is associated with the Backups directory where the Express restore points are kept. But when I launch Express and click on Restore, I get 0 restore points. When I click on "Restore a backup from other computers..." sometimes it gives me a list of the other computers, sometimes not. When it does, I do see the backup I want and I select it. There is a long wait where either nothing happens, or a window pops up saying "Retrospect Express HD needs to perform a maintenance operation before it can show the restore points." with OK being the only choice. I click OK and am returned to the original restore screen with an empty list of no computers. Can anybody help me with this issue? I think after this I am going to just manually assign users to folders and set up a simple batch script to just copy their files to it, because this Express Software has been nothing but trouble, a major performance drag on client machine's, impossible to administer with any control and in the end doesn't actually allow me to get at the files I need to restore. And no support either. Pathetic.