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  1. I didn't use the Wake On LAN checkbox and in my case the Deep Sleeping client still doesn't wake up in the latest (15.6[125] Client). Since Mojave came out there doesn't seem to be a way to have the CPU run 24x7 while allowing the screen sleeps. Which makes coping with the non-fixed issue of error-559 impossible to work around. Comments? See my posting about this similar issue in the newest version of Client.
  2. FYI... File a web support request: https://www.retrospect.com/en/rscustomers/sign_up?locale=en Limited Chat functionality as well. Wait times too long.
  3. Lord knows, we've filed plenty of those, eh? Yes, I upgraded from 15.0, prior to that I had some issues similarly, but then the OS had different features/choices: check box as I recall allowed the CPU to run always and the display to sleep. Maybe it was the same and only the verbiage was changed on the MacOS side. Don't know. However Mojave is clearly a different animal. So anything like that, I guess could be, "... lost in the sauce." Will call them first, if I can get through. Thanks for the history lesson on 14.6 (14.1 Client). You didn't say if you are running Mojave, may I assume not? Thanks for your history.
  4. Client failed with this error (-559) while in deep sleep yet attached to a network connection. It read no connected disk, merely timed out with this error in the log. When I returned to the office woke up the machine and re-ran the same script, it ran perfectly. Power settings (System Preferences>Energy Saver>Power Adapter) are the same as they have been, which ran in all modes including deep sleep prior to upgrade. Why?? Enclosing/attaching log snippet, images on power settings, error report. Retrospect errors_log_181113.odt
  5. Hello, If you don't set the System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Full Disk Access as described on the appropriate web page before the first Retro Client (iMac running Mojave), on a backup, the following occurs to a (formerly working) backup script that tries to run: The Retro Backup of that client fails with errors. (expected). Client version is 15.6.0 (125). You get email notifications (several) of the errors (-550 network connection, incomplete, general error of no data received, "No Full Disk Access" during scanning- 54 of them on one report and thereafter times out @301 seconds. (Unexpected... REALLY!) Thereafter, having discovered the error (duh!) and fixed it, the backup will not begin when initiated because the Client hasn't reset itself and remains in the mode, "Preparing for Backup..." Two error failure condition emails, 2x (Error -505 Client Reserved) emails, I realized this. (Expected since I tried it twice) You can work around this condition by turning off the client manually and then on again. Whereupon the client is once again "Ready for Backup". Then you can initiate the script. After Scanning process, Client sleeps and a (-519 Network Communication) error results. This setting works for other clients (MBP). So this would be unexpected. May I respectfully suggest that the Client reset itself when these setting have been detected and in some other way simplify the notifications to avoid the above as issues if you don't get to the settings updates required by Mojave security before a backup starts. Maybe provide a way to reduce the multiple error warning emails and set up the client so it functions during sleeping the display in Mojave?? Retro Error log_181031.rtfd.zip
  6. In Mojave, using the new client, the icon no longer appears by default. Clicking the checkbox on or off accomplishes nothing on the menu bar.
  7. henry-in-florida

    Full Access Mojave

    Nige, Yep. Sorry I just posted a section of my window for you. It's the same. I had other stuff enabled. My client(s) are OK for awhile. One is running now with out an error. I have had clients that show up a -519 communications error where I've had to delete and re-add the client for unexplained reasons, however.
  8. henry-in-florida

    No more instant scan on MacOS?

    I got that feedback from support recently as well and reported it in another post here. Frankly, when using SSD's in clients, I don't see a huge advantage to ISA. Whether in incremental or full backup. It is a CPU hog and space hog. Maybe also duplicates processes already in place (in the case of APFS). I will compare again in 15.6 with ISA disabled to confirm this. Once turned off, intend to leave it that way. Locally, on HFS+ formatted (HDD) drives, maybe some advantage, but since the server does its thing quicker locally and is essentially unattended, I don't care too much. My 2ยข... Henry
  9. henry-in-florida

    Full Access Mojave

    Just went to do the update. Found two issues with it. While available from the Retrospect.com web site, there is no update notice in the old app download a new update. While the text in the new KB version is correct but the screen shot for the Client install in Privacy settings is incorrect. It should look like mine not theirs. I previously reported issues like this and Lo! Still a small issue on the new one... FYI...
  10. henry-in-florida

    Full Access Mojave

    David, Thanks for that info. Not quite what I was told but similar and seems to be the ultimate fix. Will try it soon. There have been a lot of interesting followups to my post. Thanks, all! I hope that Retrospect people were likewise entertained.
  11. henry-in-florida

    Full Access Mojave

    Well, I heard from Retro Support that Instant Scan will be going away. And as some have said on this thread, there is a new client coming that will fix the issue, not waiting for Apple to do anything further. At least that's the gist of my understanding from the conversation I had with support. Since then, I did work around the exclusions for now and have my client running w/o the exceptions, on Mojave. But no Instant Scan. They say that the speed issues have been worked around and will be completed without the need for Instant Scan functionality, which I never really liked anyway (CPU hog, among other issues). Henry
  12. Web page seems wrong KB page describing full disk accesses in Mojave 10.14 . States that the app (note that apps only are allowed). The article states, "Client: Please add /Library/PreferencePanes/Retrospect Client." The screenshot has others shown... What's the right story and where do we find the described file(s)? Hint: not where it's stated or shown! Oh, by the way how to install Instant Scan?
  13. Certain partitions fail on clients with two different, strange errors: On an APFS formatted volume (internal SSD) on MacBook Pro 2017 backing up the entire drive. On MacOS Journaled drive, network timeouts occur in accessing the source. The ONLY [systems Preferences>Energy Saver>Power Adapter [Energy Settings] settings that work for me are shown. Unchecking "Prevent computer from sleeping," will result in these timeouts. I don't see where that's clear in your manual or other instructions. Seems that this condition used to be known as "deep sleep". I haven't had that issue in MacOS before 13.x not in Retro before 14.5 (do not know or have any ideas as to which version of OS or your software causes this, do you?). See the attached picture/screen shot. As to item # 1, here is log pertaining to this event. Using Instant Scan data for RAID 4 SSD on MyNewGenie_MBP 10/3/17 03:00:35: Found: 363376 files, 201365 folders, 1.1 TB 10/3/17 03:00:41: Finished matching 10/3/17 03:00:59: Copying: 743 files (2.5 GB) and 0 hard links [*] soccRecv: recv failed, error 60 !Trouble reading files, error -559 (network connection timeout) 10/3/17 03:02:55: Execution incomplete Remaining: 695 files, 1.7 GB Completed: 48 files, 818.3 MB Performance: 416 MB/minute Duration: 00:02:54 (00:00:56 idle/loading/preparing) As to item # 2, here is log pertaining to this event. - 10/2/17 07:14:44: Copying VM on MyNewGenie_MBP Scanning incomplete, error -1,101 (file/directory not found) 10/2/17 07:14:58: Execution incomplete Total performance: 705 MB/minute Total duration: 00:50:09 (00:15:00 idle/loading/preparing)
  14. With a MacOS Client (See MBP2017 information below, I am receiving error timeouts accessing the backup client times out during the scanning cycle. Also, separately getting errors when backing the APFS volume partition VM (unable to back up that partition (claims a virus error code on that partition, if selected to backup). It seems like this only occurs with this machine and may have something to do with APFS volumes compatibility. Retro_Errors.rtfd.zip
  15. My client didn't run automatically because for some unknown reason, the Multi-cast shows as the port turned off after a normal restart and could not be re-enabled manually from the client's preferences. I had to do one of the following (chose the first one) to manually run a backup. Seems to happen whenever this laptop is taken away from the port used in a fixed set up on my LAN: Direct access entry port assignment instead of Multi-cast. Uninstall client and reinstall thereby re-opening the port. Remove the client at the engine or Retro Server and reinstall it there. I cannot see a way to troubleshoot the cause further. If anyone has ideas on this forum, please advise. I consider the above no more than work-arounds to the actual problem. I believe this problem goes back a long, long while. However this is the first time it has reared it's ugly head in a while.