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  1. Great, so my only reply is spam trying to sell me Nike shoes!!!
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to re-install Retro Client 13.5.0 (173) on to an iMac and every time I run the installer you get all the way through to entering the client password and then get a screen saying Installation Has Failed. History: – We had a problem recently with this iMac where it would not start up. We ran disk utility (all OK), Disk Warrior (all OK), tried starting in safe mode (didn't work). In the end we had to start from the recovery partition and re-install OSX (11.6). – Before the above, Retro was working perfectly well on this machine. – After doing the above, Retrospect could not find the iMac Client on the network. – I have run the uninstaller and searched for any other Retro files, including old trying to delete old files listed on the web for Retro 8, 9 and 11 in Terminal (none of these were found anyway). – I have tried creating a new user account and installing through that but it didn't work. – I have removed the (iMac) Source from Retrospect Scripts and Sources (on a separate Mac Mini). – I have quite Retrospect and stopped the Retrospect engine (on a separate Mac Mini) None of the above worked. So... Before I end up re-formatting the iMac (which I really don't want to do due to existing user accounts and Parallels setup)... Can anyone advise what might be going on? Can anyone supply instructions to manually remove Retrospect 13 Client? Can anyone help!! Thanks in advance, Tom
  3. We are having exactly the same problem here. Moved from Retrospect 11 to 13 and the incremental backups are backing up un-modified files every day. In two months it has now filled our NAS drive (Drobo). This did not happen using the same scripts in Retrospect 11. There is a problem with Retrospect 13. Retrospect need to look into this and fix it urgently please. Tom.
  4. Hi, I would just like to draw Retrospect's attention to my post in the general forum where we believe we have found a bug in Retrospect 11.5.3 and would like to know if this has been fixed in Retrospect 12. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/152113-frustrating-error-530-backup-client-not-found-but-it-is/ Thanks, Tom
  5. For anyone that has this problem and finds this thread, first the solution, then the testing that we went through. The problems: 1 - Changing a backup source's name from within Retrospect (11.5.3 (103)) stopped that source automatically backing up during a scheduled backup. 2 - A newly added iMac has never automatically backed up on a scheduled backup. Note - Other machines are backed up successfully on the same scheduled backups and in the same script. For both of the above problems, the backups can be successfully run manually from within the Retrospect application. The solution: We have had to add the Retrospect.app (Application) to the start up items on the server. This solves the problem and both machines now backup automatically on the old scheduled scripts. Testing: We got up at 7am and watched what happened. There sources in question failed to backup, error -530. We made a temporary script and added small folders from both problem machines. This script runs successfully when manually started. We then set a schedule for 10 minutes later and the scheduled script ran successfully. We then altered the schedule to run another 10 minutes later and restarted all the machines, this time the scripts failed, error -530 for the two problem machines. It was therefore obvious that the Retrospect application needed to be open to successfully backup these two sources. We added the Retrospect app to the Login Items on the server. The next morning the normal scripts ran perfectly and the problem machines backed up succesfully. So, in our case, whilst you should not need the Retrospect application open (you should only need the Retrospect Engine to be installed) this is no longer the case. I remind you that other scripts and sources were happily backing up without the app being a Login Item and this setup has been in place for years, working perfectly. I surmise that something such as an Apple security update applied to the server has affected the OSX permissions system and how Retrospect 11.5.3 works with it. We would like to know from someone at Retrospect if this is a known issue and if it has been fixed in Retrospect 12? I hope this post helps other people. Tom.
  6. Hi David, Thanks for the reply, but please see my reply to Lennart regarding Macs sleeping. I have looked at your other posts and we already use static IPs and the other machines on the network are backup up normally, as was the MacPro before it's name was changed within Retrospect, so ports are open and working properly. Tom.
  7. Hi Lennart, Thanks for the reply but no, client computers energy saver preferences are set to never sleep and wake for network access. I have also tried them set to start up at the user selection screen and also to automatically log in to an admin user account but neither setup makes a difference. To expand the backup process (which has been the same for years): The client machines start switching on at 7am, staggered by 5 minutes intervals from each other. The server machine then switches on at 7:20 am and runs the backup scripts.
  8. I am a long time Retrospect user and I must say, a long time frustrated user whenever there is a problem. Nothing is ever simply fixed. This time... Problem 1: I have one machine (MacPro OSX 10.8.5) on my all-Mac network that has been backing up happily to our server (MacMini OSX 10.8.5, Retrospect 11.5.3 (103)) for ever and a day. Last week I changed the name of the machine (in Retrospect > Sources > Rename) and ever since the automatic backup (each morning) fails with error -530 ( backup client not found)... BUT... when I get in the office, if I just manually run the script then the backup runs perfectly. I have been round the houses on this one – I have removed the source, un-installed the client, re-installed the client, re-added the source and updated the script... nothing appears to work. No network or firewall settings have changed on either the client machine or the server, nada, nothing. Problem 2: I have a new machine on the network (iMac OSX 10.10.5) which has the same problem namely, having installed Retrospect Client the automated backups have never worked (Error -530) but if I manually run the script on the server then the backup works perfectly. All network and firewall settings are the same as other machines on the network that are backing up properly. Can someone suggest how to fix this and make the automated backups work please? Thanks, Tom.
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    Done it. RTFM. Sorry.
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    Bump. Please Roxio, can you tell us how to get Retrospect to see a Drobo FS.