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    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    Update: My vendor found the right person to speak with at Roxio - Many customers (including myself) can just renew their ASM and then will qualify for a free upgrade to 9.0. Others may already qualify. Apparently with all of the structure changes at EMC/Roxio they neglected to notify A LOT of customers (and resellers!) about their renewal options.
  2. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    Translation: "Let's let the Mac OS X customers discover the bugs before we roll these features into the Windows version". Perhaps I am jaded. Most customers probably do not care if the features are exclusive to the Mac or not. This isn't the 90's anymore. I don't care about Windows VS Mac feature races (Mac exclusivity is not a "feature"). I work in a heterogeneous enterprise shop with Linux, Mac, Windows, etc. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. Granted, there are new features in 9.0, but most of them are not very compelling to me (i.e.; WebDAV is not that great in my opinion but may be useful to some of us). Bottom line: I just want bug fixes that Roxio/EMC/Dantz has been promising. My email notifications, Media Set management and other exisiting features have been broken (or buggy) for over year.
  3. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    "If you have an expired ASM contract you can renew it under a temporary promotion. That renewal price is lower then the software upgrade price and it gives you support for a year and the upgrade." How do I sign up? How can I tell if my current ASM is expired or not? Thoughts: I have used Retro since the late 90's. There is no way I can justify $900 to my boss for an upgrade. I have seen no screen caps, and seen no documentation. LEts be honest, Retrospect is not enterprise-class software. I didn't spend 900 for Retrospect 8 when I bought it new! How can the upgrade to version 9 be $900? I have found Retrospect 8 to be flakey - especially regarding grooming, SAN/NAS space allocation, notifications, etc. I just want it to be more stable. Sure, the new features sound cool, but I need a bulletproof Mac-base backup solution I can depend on. That means top-tier support, current, accurate documentation, powerful admin tools, etc.
  4. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    Retrospect Manual

    So, for an $900 upgrade price, I get software without any documentation. Great. Keep up the good work.
  5. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    Unable To Browse Client

    I can confirm that on occasion I have tried to drill into a client's attached storage (mounted volumes etc) and found that my Retro 8 Admin console thinks that the client's drives are "offline" (~ symbol). This happens when nobody is logged into the console of the client workstation. As soon as any user logs into the console of the client, then Retro suddenly "sees" the drives on the client. At this point I can add sub folders as Favorites, etc. This behavior is not acceptable, as many of my client Macs are actually production servers (Xserves etc), and thus nobody ever logs into the clients via the console.
  6. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    Retro 8 Server Email Notifications

    I can't seem to get my Retro 8.2.0 Server to notify me via email under any circumstances. Successes, Failures, I never get notified of any of them. I have verified my SMTP settings. Any ideas?
  7. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    Retrospect Insights And 2011 Roadmap

    Id love to see the Mac version of Retro get database backup support (open file backups) for my MySQL servers, etc.
  8. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    How Do I Grow A Media Set?

    Thanks. Its under Media Sets, under the Members tab. Click the Edit button (Pencil icon), and then adjust accordingly. Its rather hidden. I always forget where this setting lurks. Thanks again Mayoff.
  9. db159aa9-f16c-4929-aec3-89c1e0a6618d

    How Do I Grow A Media Set?

    I have have several Media Sets on a NFS volume which is mounted on my Retro 8 Mac backup server (Xserve). My Media Sets are almost full (80% and growing). As a proactive measure, I have recently expanded (grown) the volume and the file system. Now I need to grow the Retrospect Media sets to accommodate the bigger volume underneath. Can this be done? How? Thanks