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    SQL license won't release

    Yesterday afternoon I discovered that the Retrospect config file was apparently hosed because Retrospect acted like a new install. Fun times! Anyway, I'm resetting my backups, clients, and licensing. I inadvertently applied my SQL license to the wrong instances on SQL. However, when I right-click on the licensed instance, select licensing, and clieck OK to Release database license, nothing happens. I've done it multiple times, exited and restarted Retrospect, but the license won't release. Any hints? FYI - Running 7.7 multi-server with Value Pack and Exchange support for 2003-2010. The server it is running on is Windows Server 2008 John
  2. dcefdf48-8f8f-4b3c-be4a-8d0339d2ea6c

    Gmail Settings

    I'm trying to setup e-mail notifications but am not being successful. We use gmail and it requires SSL to operate properly. I don't see a place to set that up in Retrospect. Has anyone had any success with this? Or does anyone have a suggestion for another free e-mail service provider that I could setup an account with to use for this purpose? Thanks
  3. dcefdf48-8f8f-4b3c-be4a-8d0339d2ea6c

    Sql License

    We recently installed a new server for the purpose of hosting our SQL databases. We had prior incidents of SQL on our old server (SBS 2003, SQL 2000) but are no longer running SQL there at all. All SQL databases are on the new server SBS 2008, SQL 2008. We own Multi-server 7.6 with one license for SQL. How do we detach the license from the non-functioning databases and attach it to the new SQL databases? Thanks in advance!