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  1. 779667a8-72b4-4497-8b3a-b920e4a2b806

    Questions About How The V9 Client Works

    Here's a thought that may work. If you're happy for the designated Client computer (Computer A) to be bogged down instead of the Server computer (Computer B ), why not install Retrospect Server on Computer A for the initial seeding backup. Use this to backup to your external tape/hard/other drive, then uninstall Retrospect Server from Computer A. Once this has been done, move the backup drive to Computer B, along with the catalog files, then install Retrospect Server on Computer B. Subsequent backups will still need to scan Computer A fully, so there's no shortcutting the scanning process unfortunately.
  2. 779667a8-72b4-4497-8b3a-b920e4a2b806

    Exclude Time Machine/capsule Backups?

    Thanks. That's what I'm having to do now, but I'm not always told when something needs backing up by my significant other. Hence the need to automate the process, or it'll never happen. I was hoping there was some way to make a rule that excludes disks called "Time Machine Backup" or something like that.
  3. 779667a8-72b4-4497-8b3a-b920e4a2b806

    Exclude Time Machine/capsule Backups?

    I've bitten the bullet & paid to upgrade Retrospect 8 to Retrospect 9. I have also opted not to install Lion server because of the Retrospect (server edition) price difference. I'm using a Lion Mac mini with Retrospect 9 (server) to back up a couple of MacBook Pros (clients) over a home network. I'd like to select each MBP as a Source for the Backup Script (as opposed to the hard disk of each MBP) -- the reason is so that Retrospect will automatically backup any external hard drive or USB flash drive which may happen to be connected to the MBP at the time the backup is running overnight. However, when a MBP is actively backing up to a Time Capsule via the inbuilt Time Machine software, a disk called "Time Machine Backups" is mounted on the MBP. This disk is seen by the Retrospect Server & seems to be automatically included in the Backup Script. How do I exclude the "Time Machine Backups" disk from being backed up by Retrospect, while allowing all other external drives to be included in the backup?
  4. 779667a8-72b4-4497-8b3a-b920e4a2b806

    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    +1 for this. I stopped using Retrospect 8 on my older Mac mini & switched to Crashplan. Given my previous long history with Retrospect, I'd be interested in returning to it, but the price for it on a new Mac mini (home) server backing up just two laptops is prohibitive because... oh wait, there is no upgrade path. I have to buy the server edition at full price. For a home network to back up two computers.