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    Snow Leopard Issue? Win2003 Server
  1. 57a965c1-9a05-4ee3-b234-f455fbbbd8f4

    Retrospect Not Backing Up New Files

    When backing up from our Server (os 10.6.8) Retrospect (Win Server retrospect 7,7) seems to be missing files to backup. I run our daily script, then I check to see the files I placed on the server are on the Retrospect machine, there are no files that I just created. I tried restore and find files, no dice. It's backing up certain things, but skipping others. I wouldn't have noticed this had I had not needed to restore files from earlier in the week, to find that they were not backed up. Any ideas here, could it be permissions, or a bad client? thanks in advance Hank
  2. 57a965c1-9a05-4ee3-b234-f455fbbbd8f4

    Snow Leopard Issue? Win2003 Server

    Hey folks, Cross posting this on Mac /PC forums. We have a problem backing up drives on Mac Snow Leopard Server OSX 10.6.7. Mac Client is 6.3.029, Running Retrospect 7.7.533 on WIn2003 Server. We recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, this wasn't an issue before but now whenever we have the Mac server logged out, Retrospect won't back up "Can't access Volume XXXX on XXXX, error -1101 (file/directory not found)" When I check the Retrospect clients, it says the drives are connected and everything is fineā€¦. If we log the Mac Server back in, and execute the backup, everything is as it should be, the backup is successful. Does anyone else have a similar issue, and or a fix for this? thanks hank