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  1. 19ce03cb-2e19-491c-995e-7b012f122e5c

    Writer "asr Writer" Backup Failed, Error -1001

    After changing back to the old 7.6 Version of Retrospect Multiserver the backup worked fine on both servers without any errors. I believe the ASR Writer error is caused by the hidden EFI-Partition on our two new blade servers, because on our older blade servers (windows 2003)I had never two deal with these kind of problems. Retrospect (ASR Writer) has no access to this Partition (which has no drive letter and you can't assign one with the disk management tool). The second problem is that I can't set the windows partition active. There is also no option in the disk management tool (greyed out). It's possible that there is a workaround but I don't know one. Please correct me if I'm totaly wrong. I must clearly say that I'm not very happy with the current 7.7 version of retrospect at this time. There is really much work to do in the future to get a good and stable software. @oscart: I had many of these -1019 errors on our windows 2003 Retrospect server (4GB RAM) if I tried to backup big DB-Dumps (10 to 60 GB). After changing the registry setting for the Kernal Memory I get rid of these errors, but I don't think this will work the same way under Windows 7.
  2. 19ce03cb-2e19-491c-995e-7b012f122e5c

    Writer "asr Writer" Backup Failed, Error -1001

    I have a problem with my backups on two Windows 2008 Server 64bit machines: + Executing Immediate Backup at 10.04.2011 13:39 (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set S_aria... T-10: MapError: unknown Windows error -1'017 T-10: VssWAddComponentToSnapshot: UGetComponentInfo failed., osErr -1017, error -1001 - 10.04.2011 13:39:23: Copying Local Disk (C:) on S_aria Writer "ASR Writer" backup failed, error -1001 ( unknown Windows OS error). 10.04.2011 14:20:49: Snapshot stored, 145.7 MB 10.04.2011 14:21:09: Comparing Local Disk (C:) on S_aria 10.04.2011 14:37:58: Execution completed successfully Completed: 66306 files, 19.0 GB Performance: 715.2 MB/minute (505.7 copy, 1160.5 compare) Duration: 00:58:34 (00:06:18 idle/loading/preparing) The windows event log looks fine (no errors). Is there any information about these errors? Any help would be nice. Thank you, Jan