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    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008
  1. 137491F3EC028DE1E040000A2A666149

    Dr In 7.7 Questions

    I had a similar situation with a drive that failed on an older Dell laptop. It was a 20GB drive but only 30GB drives were available. I had the RS Disaster Recovery disk and a full backup of the failed drive. Unfortunately, I was unable to restore a bootable new drive. First I tried using the disaster recovery disk and as I recall that created a 30GB partition. Restoring to that with the Restore Everything option, when I rebooted I received an error that said the drive couldnt boot because of its configuration. I spoke to RS Tech Support and they said if the new drive was formatted to 20GB it would probably work. So I tried that using a WXP OS Disk and set the size to 20GB. Got the same error. Then I tried formatting to the exact size in bytes of all the backup files and that also produced the same error. I wasnt even able to use the XP disk to Repair the OS. I also tried just restoring all the files from my backup rather than using the Restore Everything option. That also didnt work. Eventually, I gave up and just redid my installation from the WXP disk and the Dell drivers, etc. I guess the drive sizes (original and restored) must match in size.
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    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008

    Aaron: Thanks. That article is far more helpful than the ones I used regarding the psconfig fix. So now I know that I have the typical SP2 problems but unfortunately, without SP2, because the install failed. I think I will download SP2 directly and try to reinstall again. But that explains why Sharepoint was affected - it's a regular occurence with the WSUS SP2 update. I'm glad to hear that rollbacks work. Just to be safe, I will create another full recycle BU as of now. I actually have two other complete backup sets that are up to date other than having old Exchange data. The SBS Server is unchanged since the original install other than the few user accounts, mailboxes, computer accounts, DNS and DHCP settings. I put all our data, Retrospect and an APC Shutdown utility on a W2008 R2 server. It was hardware overkill when I did it a year ago considering that this isn't a commercial enterprise. But now it's obvious that it was the right thing to do. The only problem is that with SBS the no secondary DC restriction can get you into this type of bind. Thanks again. I'll post the outcome - probably on the weekend after doing whatever I do.
  3. 137491F3EC028DE1E040000A2A666149

    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008

  4. 137491F3EC028DE1E040000A2A666149

    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008

    Aaron: Thanks for your reply. I wasnt' even updating Sharepoint but SP2 for the Windows Update Service. The update failed because it couldn't remove SP1 and it rolled itself back. When I rebooted (three other updates succeeded) there were Sharepoint errors filling the event log every two minutes. There were also minor errors with SQL and WSUS and the "Company Web" wouldn't work (not that I use it). This morning I see that that the daily backups Retrospect does on OS C: are now 15GB compared with 9GB before. So there are probably other issues. I also notice that the SQL Browser and AD Helper Services are "Disabled" although I don't know how they were previously set. That might explain why a failed WSUS update would affect SQL and Sharepoint. If the update temporarily disables services and fails, they might not get turned back on. I tried the command line Sharepoint fix you're probably talking about plus a number of others but so far, without success. So, I'm seriously considering the rollback. I assume an OS C: restore will include the Exchange mailbox store and mailboxes so a second restore will be needed to get fully up to date. I agree the .pst files are a better way to restore if a local restore is needed - I don't know why I was thinking about using .ost's. My big concern is rolling back a machine with a few problem but that's otherwise working fine for all the services I normally use. I could end up with a machine that won't boot. As I said, if I had some experience with Retrospect rollbacks, I would be less concerned. I never moved the Exchange data to a separate partition because there are only a few mailboxes but next time I will. This system is running in my house and I've run it going all the way back to NT to support the control hardware/software that runs the place - lighting, HVAC, security, phones, etc. If the SBS Server is out and the network also goes down, we're literally in the dark. Thanks again. Any other advice is appreciated. Michael
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    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008

  6. 137491F3EC028DE1E040000A2A666149

    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008

  7. 137491F3EC028DE1E040000A2A666149

    Advice On Complete Rollback Of Sbs2008

    Due to corruption of Sharepoint from a failed Microsoft update, I am considering a complete rollback to a point 3 days ago on my SBS2008 Server. I'm running Retrospect Multiserver 7.7.325 on a W2008 R2 server and have a complete recycle backup of the SBS on a removable cartridge that was done earlier that day. Everything is x64. I've never had a restore problem with any restores with my setup but I've never done a complete rollback - this would be about 40GB. There are two partitions C:(OS) and E:(Recovery). There are just a few Exchange mailboxes which I can update from local .OST files or a later snapshot. There's no data on the machine other than the Exchange mailboxes but reconfiguring it if the rollback failed would be a real pain. Other than the Sharepoint problem, the SBS is running fine. Do I need to rollback the E: Recovery partition? With a complete rollback are all files overwritten even if unchanged? I'm looking for advice, experience, etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Retrospect Insights And 2011 Roadmap

    Just stumbled onto the new Roxio Community. Great to see current posts,real-time answers and a new version even with a few problems. My confidence in Retrospect's future is restored. Fantastic!