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    Erroneous Warning On "restore An Entire Volume"?
  1. e8d65ebb-6b81-45aa-ab5b-7506df7b9b07

    Erroneous Warning On "restore An Entire Volume"?

    Thanks for the information JoTraGo. Note that I did select the "Restore entire colume" (for the "Restore files and folders from a point in time" task). I did try a reboot, which made the interal drive C: again. However, when I created the partition, I did give it a more recognizable name than the original internal drive had. Perhaps this is the missing piece. I'm currently evaluating another product, but if it doesn't pan out, I may try reconfiguring the new HD to exactly match the old HD. = = = = Final resolution: Never got this corrected, and got no support from Roxio. I've found another backup & recovery product that enabled me to do what I wanted without a hitch (as well as cover my other backup needs). Thanks again.
  2. e8d65ebb-6b81-45aa-ab5b-7506df7b9b07

    Poor Tech Support For Retrospect

    Thanks for the pointers. The forum admin might want to pin a message explaining the forum status, etc. so new forum members know about the other KB and message archive.
  3. e8d65ebb-6b81-45aa-ab5b-7506df7b9b07

    Erroneous Warning On "restore An Entire Volume"?

    Sorry. Didn't mean to offend or annoy forum participants. I edited out the remark. (I thought I was clear about being dissatisfied with Roxio, but I guesss not.) I'll share my experience and impressions of Roxio support in a separate message as this experience unfolds.
  4. e8d65ebb-6b81-45aa-ab5b-7506df7b9b07

    Poor Tech Support For Retrospect

    I'm an experienced software developer and IT consultant that charges by the hour. Here's what's fair: Roxio can charge me by the hour for competent consulting to help me where I don't understand or have a problem caused by something that Retrospect should not be expected to handle or document. OTOH, if this is a software or documentation defect or deficiency, Roxio will pay me the same for helping them identify an correct the problem with their product. I don't charge my clients for repairing problems with my own work.
  5. e8d65ebb-6b81-45aa-ab5b-7506df7b9b07

    Poor Tech Support For Retrospect

    *** A few comments regarding Roxio's support for Retrospect. *** (Updated March 25, 2011 at 9:58 p.m. Pacific) (For the basis of these comments, see my previous post on Recovery failure.) My initial contact with Roxio tech support, using their public e-mail "contact" and the info on their Web site, led me to understand that, unlike the vendors of other relatively expensive system and utility software I use, Roxio appeared to provide no free tech support, not even chat or e-mail. Their "per incident" charge is an $70, and they won't waive the charge if the cause was a defect in the software or documentation. Their current "knowledge base" is minimal -- fewer than 150 entries for "Retrospect." However, as I learned from replies to this post, there's a KB from a previous EMC "community" site. (See replies below.) The forums seem to get minimal use. A reply also pointed out this is a new forum, and the prior forum had more activity and experienced members who were participants. I contacted Roxio customer service to express my dissatisfaction and got a helpful person who provided me the following URL where you can post tech support issues: http:selfserve.roxio.com/retrospect I couldn't find a link to this page on the Retrospect support pages. Note that if you go to: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/retrospect/contact.html and clisk "Ask here" under "Contacting Support", you're taken to a form that appears to let you submit an issue to tech support. However, you get a stock reply saying you don't have an ASM, so this doesn't provide even initial free support. The customer service person told me the URL he provided wasn't yet posted on the Web site, so maybe this post will help someone else. *** Update *** Well, even with the "private" URL, I just got the same stock response that Roxio wouldn't provide any tech support without an ASM or per incident charge. Seems Roxio can't get their software, tech support or customer support straight. This isn't the kind of vendor I would ever advise a customer to put faith in.
  6. e8d65ebb-6b81-45aa-ab5b-7506df7b9b07

    Erroneous Warning On "restore An Entire Volume"?

    I'm testing Retrospect for Window's ability to recover from a complete hard drive failure. Retrospect for Windows. 7.7.203 (As shown on the installation CD in the shrink-wrap package that contains the Emergency Recovery CD) Hoping someone may provide what should be a simple answer. Problem: After installing a brand new internal HD and preparing it for recovery, I run a "Restore files and folders from a point in time" off the Recovery CD. I complete the "advanced mode" specs for a "Restore entire volume" operation and click "Restore", and I get an appropriate warning dialog: "Really restore to InternalDrive (F:) completely replacing it with selected files?" I click OK. The Activity Monitor appears, then I get another dialog with what I believe is an erroneous warning: "Warning: All data on the following volumes will be lost: Drive Used Total laCie01 (C:) ... laCie02 (E:) ... InternalDrive (F:) ..." The C: and E: drives are partitions on the external HD. Drive E: contains the retrospect catalog and source for the restore. Can anyone tell me whether it is safe to proceed? *** Update March 25, 2011 -- Recovery fails *** I made a full ("recycle") backup to another external drive that had nothing else on it. I then repeated the steps and got the same warning that all contents on both the internal and external drive would be deleted. I clicked OK and the recovery failed. The log showed: MapError: Unknown Windos error 1,168 VssWBeginRestore: PreRestore failed: winerr -2147023728, error -1001