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  1. These files are also present for backup sessions since the upgrade to v11 for Windows. I think these are connected with the changes made to the catalogue rebuild process in v11 for Windows and v13 for OSX which allow for faster rebuilds.
  2. The Domain Users and Domain Admins only exist for computers that are members of an [Active Directory] domain. On computers that are stand alone or members of a workgroup only the Administrators and Backup Operators exist. On my current backup server, which is a dedicated Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine, the user that Retrospect runs under is only a member of the Administrators group and I have had no permissions problems with either the backup server or any clients. I have added the user to the Backup Operators group in the past but as I tend to reinstall Windows around yearly on the backup server and its active backup I often forget to do this but have never noticed a difference. I still believe the Windows 10 installation on the client is the problem because: If the user permissions were wrong on the backup server then all three clients should be affected. On the clients the Retrospect Client runs under the SYSTEM [user] account. From the errors the permissions for the SYSTEM account on the laptop are not what they should be. On the other two clients they are what they should. The problem is, aside from reinstalling Windows, there is no easy way correct permissions problems with system (as in built in) accounts. (On Windows 10 going to 'Settings > Update and recovery > Recovery > Reset this PC' may work but I've never successfully used this feature for any of the Windows 10 problems I've had.) On the backup server the user account under which Retrospect is running needs sufficient network permissions to access the clients and the sufficient permissions necessary to write to and read from the backup set member files. Just out of interest for the moment what model is the Toshiba laptop?
  3. I've never got it to work. Try a search of the forum as there have been discussions in the past about Wake on LAN. Using Windows' build in power management features it is difficult to stop the host or clients from sleeping during backups. (Windows sees user activity as input device (keyboard, mouse, etc) activity and not what applications are doing.) For my backup server my solution was to use a third party power management utility called SmartPower (http://getsmartpower.co.uk/). I have my backup server set to wake and sleep on a fixed schedule when my clients are most likely to be on. For my clients I have set the sleep timeout to three or four hours which works most of the time to prevent sleeping during backups. Not ideal from a power management efficiency point of view but it works for me pending a better solution.
  4. Possible the errors on the disk have done some damage to Windows that cannot be fixed automatically. From my experience the only reliable long term fix is a reinstall of Windows. When I have tried to repair these type of problems they work for a while but eventually creep back again. Something changed on the Client to make Retrospect think it is a different Client even though the names were the same. This change could be related to the errors CHKDSK found earlier. Run CHKDSK again to see if it finds any more errors.
  5. Scillonian

    Retrospect 7.7 hangs while backing up pc

    Check in Windows Event Viewer where the results of the CHKDSK should be recorded.
  6. Scillonian

    Retrospect 11 silently dying

    For me occasional silent exits of Retrospect have been around from at least Retrospect 7. I have also seen it happen a couple of times when monitoring Retrospect while waiting for a job to complete. For me the exit is near the end of the backup job but before the notification email is sent and the logs updated. (I find it annoying that Retrospect only updates the logs after the job is complete.) My suspicion is a flaw in Visual C++ 2005, which parts of Retrospect are based on, but only have circumstantial evidence for this. On Windows Retrospect is a single executable (retrospect.exe) so there are no separate engine and console components as on OSX.
  7. Have a look at this post from June 2006 which gives a possible workaround for this error: User "SYSTEM" has restricted NTFS rights for "Local Disk (C:) on SERVER" This would suggest the problem is on the client. It is worth a look in the Event Viewer on the laptop to see if there are any errors or warnings recorded around the time of the backup errors.
  8. The SYSTEM account is a built in account of Windows and should basically have access to everywhere. Under default settings Retrospect will only run on the backup server under this account when it is being run by the Launcher Service for a scheduled backup when the main Retrospect application is not running. (I'm not near a system to check at the moment but I'm fairly certain that the client software does run under the SYSTEM account.) By default the Retrospect Client (RemotSvc.exe, retroclient.exe, pcpds.exe) run under the SYSTEM account. As there are three clients and only one is giving problems I would tend to think the account under which Retrospect is running on the backup server has the correct permissions. Another option is the configuration file has been corrupted on the backup server. The 'can't read, error -1101 (file/directory not found)' errors in the 'C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\' can be ignored. All it means is that between scanning the volume, particularly if InstantScan is used, and copying the files the files were removed when, in this case, the Windows Store updated the respective apps. (I had a bunch of these last evening on a clients.)
  9. The files in the 'C:\System Volume Information' folder are related to System Restore Points. Their absence from the backup will only be an issue if you want to do a full system restore and also have the System Restore Points also restored. The errors under Verifying Backup Set suggest Retrospect is experiencing problems (non critical) with reading the backup set files. (16.5 GB, with 30% compression gives about 11.5 GB which is ~21 600 MB backup set .RDB files which is the number of errors. Does each machine have its own backup set? The names of the machine and the backup set suggest this may be the case. Where is the backup set stored? It is possible that when the desktop drive crashed the backup set became corrupted. The Retrospect configuration file could also have become corrupted with respect to this one client. To test the backup set the first option would be to rebuild the catalog file. If there are still errors after this then create a new backup set and and backup to that to see if the errors stop.
  10. From the little testing I have done with multi members disk backup sets (on Windows) all members need to be online. Also it appears that when space is freed on earlier members it is not reused by later backups.
  11. Just because a network share can't be 'seen' in Retrospect when you try browsing to it does not mean that Retrospect can't access it. You need to use 'Adanced...' and the UNC path. Quite often my NAS is invisible in Retrospect's browse dialogs. To access the shares on the NAS I have to us 'Advanced...' and the UNC path.
  12. At a networking level I'm not aware of any reason Retrospect 8 or later should not be able to 'see' the Avid ISIS server. The only real way to find out is to try a later version. If you have a spare system on which you could install the trial version of Retrospect 11 you could see how it interacts with the ISIS server without affecting your backup server's operations.
  13. With each backup Retrospect adds more data to the backup set so eventually it will become full and Retrospect will ask for a new member or groom the backup set to recover space if grooming is enabled. If Retrospect reports the backup as having completed successfully and 'Errors, Warnings' shows '0, 0' on the 'History' tab of Activity Monitor then any errors show in the log are likely debug information. Retrospect 11 shows more debug information in the logs than it predecessors. So we can see the errors in context can you post the log entries for the backup?
  14. I had one of my Windows 10 clients not update properly when updating it through client properties. Try uninstalling the Retrospect Client software on the laptop, restart Windows and reinstall the Retrospect Client software. (You will probably have to forget and re-add the client in Retrospect after the reinstall.)
  15. From the 'Volumes Database', if you click 'My Network...' then 'Advanced...' and enter the location of the share in the //<servername>/<sharename> or //<server.ip.address>/<sharename> format, does it add the share to the database or do you get an error?
  16. If you updated the Retrospect Client software on the affected laptop, how did you do it?
  17. Scillonian

    Windows 7 SP1 ADK Download?

    In Windows 7 it was call the Automated Installation Kit (AIK). Try the following for the downloads: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=5753 This is what I used with Windows 7 but at that time it was with version 8 or 9 of Retrospect so how it will work with the later versions I don't know. As far as I can tell the only part of the AIK/ADK that Retrospect uses is the Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) which allows the bootable media to run Retrspect.
  18. Scillonian

    error -1116

    The config77.dat and configs.xml files are located in the "C:\ProgramData\Retrospect" folder. If you don't have 'Show hidden files, folders and drives' enable in File Explorer's view preferences you can access this hidden folder by: Pressing WindowsKey + r to open a 'Run' dialog Enter C:\ProgramData\Retrospect for 'Open:' Click 'OK' to open the folder in File Explorer
  19. Scillonian

    error -1116

    It could be there is some corruption in the config77.dat file which holds the configuration information. Unfortunately the only way to correct the corruption is to exit Retrspect and delete/rename the config77.dat file. When you start Retrospect again the configuration will be restored from the configs.xml configuration backup file. (If this does not correct the corruption you will also need to delete/rename the configs.xml file along with config77.dat and start again from scratch.) After I upgraded from 10.5 to 11 I am no longer able to change the 'Options' for any of my scripts but can still change the 'Sources', 'Destinations', 'Selecting' and 'Schedule'. The cryptic error message I get is "Provided login information is incomplete" which is strange when you consider there is nowhere to enter "login information" within 'Options'.
  20. Scillonian

    error -1116

    Are you using the Launcher Service to run the scheduled backup or are you leaving the Main application open to allow the scheduled backup to run? Error -1116 translates to "Can't access network volume" which may be a permissions issue depending on how Retrospect is running the scheduled backup.
  21. You would only need to delete the snapshots back to and including the date when the 'evil' folder backup first occurred. (Snapshots before this date will not include the 'evil' folder.)
  22. My advice would be to contact support to see if an updated installer is available but I suspect that if one were available it would be listed on the Retrospect Archives page. Alternatively you could try the 11.0 client available on the Software Downloads and Updates page. Retrospect 9.5 should be able to access a later version client but will not be able to access/use and new feature of that client.
  23. Scillonian

    Retrospect 11 - Cannot Create Recovery Disc

    In theory, speed aside, the hard disk type should make no difference. For me the process was failing near the end. Where was it failing for you? (Not having a spare USB media of appropriate size I have only tried The ISO process.)
  24. Scillonian

    Retrospect 11 - Cannot Create Recovery Disc

    Were you trying to create an ISO image or a USB media? If you were trying to create an ISO image were trying to change the filename to something other that 'Disaster Recovery.iso'? If I tried to change the filename I would get this error but if I left it at the default it would complete without error.
  25. Scillonian

    Using RDX backups

    Maybe there is no Retrospect defined company policy for what defines 'removable media'. Although it is the same RDX device the documentation writer classified it as a removable device but the video creator classified it as a disk device.