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  1. HI I'm running retrospect workgroup 5.6 on a WinNT4.0 server servicepack 6a the server is an 1gz PIII, with a 20gig ide drive on an ASUS 815 Motherboard's ide, + a Siig ATA133 ide card with a Yamaha crw3200e CD/CDR/CDRW drive. I updated to rdu3.1 from 3.0 which was what installed from the cd. I bought the drive after making sure it was on the compatible list. I'm able to burn full cd's with the drive at 24x with 80min fuji 24x media, using the drive's burning software. When I try to make backups using retrospect workgroup onto that same drive, NADA. it hangs at different places with (communication error -102). What gives? I've reinstalled the system from scratch, did not isntall the cdr burning software. I've moved the drive to a mirror server with an intel815board using the built in ide bus and still no cigar. why is this burner listed as compatible on the support site, when it obviously does not work. I just bought retrospect 5.6, 2 weeks before version 6 came out so I definitly wont be able to convince my employer to upgrade (yes they are cheap); but again this shouldn't be an issue as this yamaha drive is supposedly compatible.