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    Poor Tech Support For Retrospect

    My two cents. I've used Retrospect since it was 5.x. My take is that Retrospect is designed for professional use - i.e., people who are rather expert at system administration and, if needed, have expense support from their company to pay for support if needed. I've had a fair number of problems using Retrospect, but none of the alternatives are perfect either. By far Retrospect has the most sophisticated set of features to manage and tailor your backups.
  2. jelenko

    Retrospect Won't Recognize The Backup Set

    Sometimes it will work if you first rebuild the catalogue for the backup set. The option to rebuild a catalogue in under Tools in the left hand navigator.
  3. I have Retrospect 7.5.508 configured to run daily backups. The pc is running Win XP, SP3. But, had the same behaviour with SP2. There are about 8 backups run over a 10 minute period. They all run fine. But, when running, the Retrospect user interface is only partially displayed on the screen and is not responsive to any mouse clicks. For example, I couldn't stop or pause execution if needed. I do have Retrospect Launcher configured to log on under my account [vs the system account] so it can access a drive on another pc on my home network. When I open Retro manually, the user interface works just fine. Any idea of how to get the user interface to be active when it's running a scheduled backup? Thanks
  4. 2GB of RAM. What is an execution unit? Yes, all other programs are running normally - no discernable slow down in responsiveness. I've stayed away from 7.6 - all it did was to add link to Mozy [and something else which I've forgotten]. Thanks
  5. Just installed a Hitachi P7K500 as my system drive. Every time I try to run a backup or duplicate from files/folders on the system drive, the system bluescreens. Running backup or duplicate from other drives [there's two others in the system], no problem. I've used Retro 7.5 since it came out [and 7.0, 6.5, 6.0] before that. Run 5 automated scripts daily. Seems some problem with the Hitachi drive. Anyone else have any experience with Retro on Hitachi's P7K500 series drives? Thanks Problem solved. Had to turn off power saving mode of the drive [using Hitachi feature disk].
  6. jelenko

    Unable to Reinstall

    If you've got more than one install of any application, you should clean everything up so there's nothing left; then reinstall. But, can you say how you got multiple installs of Retro 7.5 on the same system?
  7. An interesting article on Retrospect's future. http://searchstorage.techtarget.com/columnItem/0,294698,sid5_gci1244065,00.html
  8. jelenko

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    Right. But, why backup the restore points?
  9. jelenko

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    But, why would you want to backup and restore the system restore points? If you're using Retro to do a full system restore, you don't need the restore points.
  10. jelenko

    retrospect pro vista

    I'm successfully running 370 on Vista Business. Backing up folders and directories to another internal harddrive and to a USB attached one. Haven't tried to configure 'run retro as specified user'. FWIW, 324 is not supported on Vista.
  11. jelenko

    Sony Media Causes Retrospect to Crash

    FWIW, this sounds like a good reason to not use RW media. With the cost of write once media these days, to me, just not worth these types of hassles.
  12. jelenko

    Does Retrospect split lage files across media?

    I think the OP is asking whether a single file is spanned across media - not whether the entire backup is spanned across media. While the OP is concerned about what happens to large files, the question is probably independent of whether it's a large file or not. If I've got it right, the OP is concerned about a large file [say 500MB] but there's only 200MB left on the current media. Does Retro put 200MB on the current media and 300MB on the new media?
  13. jelenko

    Restoring after Win XP install

    For XP Service Pack 2 was more than just a collection of hotfixes - yes? Don't know about other service packs, but I thought for XP SP1 [or 1a] there also were functions/changes in the service pack that weren't in the hotfixes.
  14. jelenko

    Restoring after Win XP install

    [quote On the offchance the backups were done using Retrospect 7.0....would 7.5 recognise those files? Retro should be backwards compatible. I.e., Retro 7.5 can read 7.0 backup sets. The converse is usually not true. I.e., 7.0 can not read 7.5 backup sets [or, even ones that have been opened by 7.5]
  15. jelenko

    Restoring after Win XP install

    Not sure. First, when you did the backup, you did choose your system drive as the source? Any chance you uncheck the option to include System State? When you did the restore, any chance you unchecked System State? After you reinstalled Windows XP, was the drive letter assigned by the OS the same as when you did the full system backup? And, was the new install at the same service pack level as the backup set? [i haven't seen this condition produce the symptom you're seeing, but best to confirm]
  16. jelenko

    7.5.370 with Vista - Backup size ballooning

    A tangent. Is there a reference on how to use selectors? I 'get it' on how to use the Exclude ones [and I know the difference between OR and AND]. But, how to use the Include selectors? The problem I'm having is my assumption is that the default is to include everything in a folder. So, what good does it to identify specific folders/files to include? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  17. jelenko

    Restoring after Win XP install

    Quote: 1) Will the back ups I have saved on an external drive be recognized by this new completely installation? 2) What if it is a different licensed version? The system came with XP on the machine, but I have an OS CD that I made sometime later. 3) I actually have another XP license and may try to install that. Does it matter if the license key is different? 4) Regarding this: "In the next dialog box click on source and browse to the full system backup and choose it." I'm a little unclear on how to pick the "full system backup." For example, looking @ the Backup set B on my other machine, the most recent backup from 02/24/07 consists of five files: AA000183 614,408 KB AA000184 325,000 KB AA000185 93,444 KB AA000186 16 KB AA000187 3,088 KB 5) Do all of these files make up the full system backup? 6) Will the complete system restore include the three accounts that were on the machine? Or should I recreate those accounts in the new XP install before doing the restore?? 1. Retro doesn't care about which installation of OS. Retro simply recognizes backup sets/files. 2. Using a different product key to install Windows than the one used for the backup set should be ok. I have run into a product key/install disk that wasn't compatible with other install disks - so it's possible that there will be a problem. Of course, it would be safer to use the same product key as the one on the backup set. 3. Looks like you were using a Disk Backup. I've not used Disk Backup sets - best if someone else respond on this point. 4. The full system restore should restore everything - including all user accounts.
  18. I've used nLite to build several slipstreamed XP install disks. Very easy to use. I use Nero to burn the ISO. My understanding is there are many programs [many free] that will reliably burn iso's, but I've only experience with Nero.
  19. jelenko

    All drivers unsigned after restore

    The steps you took to restore look fine - with one exception. I'd do the Retro restore first, then catch up on updates from MS. Unless, of course, you did the backup just yesterday [i.e., after the last set of patches from MS]. On driver signing, we're saying the same thing. Those .cat files are part of the driver package. Nothing Retro is going to do is going to change the contents of the driver files. Unless, as you mention, Retro has corrupted the .cat files. I could see this for a file, but not a whole bunch of files. But, if Retro had corrupted a bunch of files, it would be really amazing that it just corrupted the .cat files and not a whole bunch of others. If everything else looks good, there's something else going on [i think]. Are you seeing evidence of any other corruption after restoring?
  20. jelenko

    All drivers unsigned after restore

    I'm not expert at this, but I wouldn't think that any of the attributes Retro deals with would affect whether drivers are signed. Aren't the info on driver signing contained within the driver itself?
  21. jelenko

    Execution is deferred

    Try the red icon in the tool bar at the top. If it appears 'depressed', it means all scripts are being prevented from running. If it is depressed, clicking on it will enable scripts to run again.
  22. Retro builds a recovery CD that has two 'levels' of Windows OS function. The first level installs just enough of Windows OS to enable Retro to restore the backup. This first level has limited drivers installed - e.g., there isn't USB support. The second level essentially does a complete Windows install and does support USB devices. The Disaster Recovery CD MUST be at the same service pack level as the backup. For Windows XP, this is an absolute must [i.e., I have experience with it]. Not absolutely sure for other versions of Windows. Just to confirm, the disk you have is an Windows XP install disk or a system/product recovery disk? If it's an install disk, you're good to go. If it's a recovery CD, you need to find the i386 folder on it and copy to your hard drive. Retro will need access to the i386 folder when it builds the iso file. PS. The drivers in the i386 file in OEM install CD's can cause Retro to create iso's that are too large to fit on CD's. This is a problem. Your only option is to find folders/files in the i386 folder that you really don't need - which most people don't know [i certainly don't]
  23. jelenko

    Restoring after Win XP install

    If you've been doing complete system backups, you're in pretty good shape. After you reinstall XP - AND bring it to the SAME service pack level as your backups - install Retro. Open Retro and click on Restore in the left hand side. Click on the Restore that's under the main Restore. In the dialog box that opens, click on Advanced Mode. Click on Restore an Entire Volume. In the next dialog box click on source and browse to the full system backup and choose it. Next click on Destination and choose the currrent system drive [i.e., the drive you installed XP to] Now click on Restore on the bottom right. Click ok to any warnings, sit back and wait for it to finish. You will have to do 1-2 reboots before Retro finishes the restore. FYI. Any 'data' files will be as recent as the last time you did a backup.
  24. jelenko

    Question about scheduled backups that were missed

    Got it. In that case, I haven't found a way tell Retro to not run scheduled scripts. FWIW, while Retro is adding the snapshot info to the catalog, it's not adding any additional files. Retro only adds changed or new files to it's big file 'bucket'. Retro uses snapshots to provide a view to the files.
  25. jelenko

    7.5.370 won't run

    While I don't remember having to do this for Retro [on Vista], I've found for some applications you have to right click and Run As Administrator. If that doesn't work, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling with Run As Administrator. FYI. In XP I had to run ASPI to see my optical drives when my OS was installed on a RAID0. The RAID0 was using the built in motherboard RAID drivers.