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  1. Cannot connect to all Mac clients after updating Workgroup to 6.1.126. No problems connecting to Windows clients. Updated Mac clients and still cannot connect from Workgroup.
  2. I booted from an external firewire drive with Retrospect client installed on it as you suggested. I was able to login to the iMac! This appears to say there is something wrong on the internal drive. The problem started promptly after the installation of 10.2 so it seems odd there would be a problem unless something went wrong at installation. Do you think the answer to the problem is to do a re-install?
  3. I have had a similar problem for a long time with one iMac. After upgrading to 10.2.2 from 10.1.x I cannot accomplish the first login to the iMac. It keeps telling me I have the wrong password, error 507. Of course I am certain the password is corrrect. I even uninstalled and reinstalled to be sure the password is correct. Retrospect shows the iMac is available for first login in the 'Clients On Network' window. I added the client via the client's IP address. This problem started maybe two months ago and I tried all the suggestions from this forum but still no success. Recently I realized the firmware on the server and iMac were not up to date. I updated the iMac and the problem still persists. I have not yet updated the server. I have heard there are major changes in filesharing and networking from 10.1 to 10.2. The server is running 10.1.5.
  4. I connected the client to the backup server with a cross over cable and still have the same problem. I turned off Retrospect Client and backup server says 'Client is turned off'. I turn on Retrospect Client and backup server says 'Can't login, error 507(incorrect password). It appears the server can see the correct Client. I also had the firewalls disabled. Any ideas of what I should try next? Is there a preference file on the server that keeps client information I should consider discarding? The client was using OS 10.1.4 without problems backing up. Then the drive was erased and Jaguar installed. The password was kept the same. Now it has this problem. Perhaps the server is confused.
  5. I uninstalled client and did not find Retroclient.state file. Next I restarted the computer, re-installed client, restarted and found there is a new Retroclient.state file. Unfortunately I still get error 507(incorrect password).
  6. Since installing Jaguar I have not been able to accomplish the first login of a client. There were no problems with 10.1.4. The computer is visible in the Clients on Network list. When I try to login I get error 507(incorrect password). I have uninstalled Retrospect Client and reinstalled, turned off the firewall, and I can ping the computer. I also used Apple's repair permissions utility. Both the server and the client software are latest versions. I can login and backup all our other clients including an iBook using Jaguar.
  7. I recently backed up a networked iBook to a firewire drive on a G4. The backup from the iBook was 8GB. Initially it did have a problem telling me the backup is too large. The Firewire drive was new and thus I reformatted it finding it was formatted with Mac Standard. I reformatted it as Mac HFS+. After this it did not have any problems. I think I read Dantz says Mac HFS+ is required for backups greater than 2GB.
  8. I am backing up another computer using Retrospect 5.0.205 accessing it via Retrospect Client version 5.0.528. Both are running OS 10.1.4.
  9. Two days ago is the middle of a three day weekend. Give them another day to catch up. I too had a similar problem. Dantz responded to my email within 24 hours. 48 hours later the problem was fixed.
  10. How did you look for the invisible files? I used 'Super Get Info' and used the 'Open hidden' menu command.
  11. Retrospect Desktop was not able to scan a client telling me "Error!! Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupt?)". It also said there is a folder named < HFS+ PrivateData/14>. Yes, the first four characters of the folder's name are spaces and the folder and files are invisible. The folder is at the root level of the disk. The file names are and . Both files are 4 KB in size. The client is an iBook 600 MHz, OS 10.1.4. I am the only user of the iBook and do not have a clue about where these files came from. I moved the folder to my desktop and Retrospect performs a scan and backup normally except it cannot copy the two files. Does anyone know what these files are about? It worries me to find something like this! I would like to discard the files but am too curious to do this yet.