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    Ecrix and Retrospect

    Unless you have compressible files, no file compression will make any difference. My experience is that most files are not compressible. My recommendation is - forget compression. Just look at the uncompressed capacity of any media.
  2. After having backup tape drive problems since June, I'm giving up on tape drives altogether. Helical scan devices are just too delicate. Even with good warrantees, I can't spend any more time running diagnostics and shipping tape drives back and forth to the support folks. I'll use internal and external hard drives. These are much faster and more reliable. They also cost about the same as tape drive media. In my opinion, tape drives are obsolete.
  3. tdenbo

    Maxtor One Button W/v6

    This combo works well. I was nervous when installing Retrospect Express 5.6 deleted the start menu entries for Retrospect Client 6.0. They both seem to install in the same directory and work well together. I now have a good backup solution for my notebook while traveling.
  4. Since I have not heard from support for 5 days on this, I'll seek help here. I tried to pull my 6.0 CD out to install on my restore partition and I found that it was stuck. After much pulling it came out, with glue from the packaging stuck on the edge of the CD. I attempted to wash it off with dishwashing detergent. No joy. I need a replacement CD. If this is a common problem it could be a case of poor packaging design causing great expense.
  5. tdenbo

    Maxtor One Button W/v6

    Let's see if I understand my options here. My notebook has 6.0 client. I would like to use the One Button feature to do backups while on the road. I can do that if I: * Uninstall 6.0 client and install it in a non default directory * I get a disk image backup with Express and One Button Is that correct? When I get home will I have problems using the One Button box with 6.0?
  6. I have v6 Pro. I am thinking of getting a Maxtor 5000LE or 3000DV. Since those come with Express, what are my options for using V6 Pro? Can I have both Express and v6 Pro client on my notebook? Would it be better to use Express with the One Button feature when I and on the road and V6 Pro client when at home? Thanks
  7. This is a much-needed facility. Could installing a full version of Retrospect on each PC that needs a DR CD do the same thing? As long as you have enough licenses this should work if it is allowed.
  8. Snapshot building is a time killer on large volumes. It appears that there is an ACK for each individual file in the snapshot. That is what slows down the process, especially on the network. One way to speed things up is to provide an option to cache the snapshot of, say, the first 10,000 files. Then write that block of snapshot data all at once. That way both local and network snapshots would run many times faster. For network backups it would greatly reduce network traffic also. With today’s fast media, the snapshot is becoming the bottleneck for backing up large volumes. This would speed up the process greatly.
  9. Please add a time stamp for the beginning of the build snapshot process. For large volumes this is important to know.
  10. I got a ATA100 controller card and 80GB drive to use as the backup media. I also upgraded to Retrospect Pro 6. The full local backup went from 1 hr and 40 mins (with tape) to 35 mins Most of the time is snapshotting 155K files. I saw peak transfer rates over 1200 MB/min. the average reported as 700 MB/min. My VXA-1 averaged 160 MB/min, which is respectable for a consumer tape drive. The time to do the snapshot did not change significantly because it is limited by the drive being backed up. Not to shabby! This was the first time I've done a network back with Retrospect. My notebook took 2 1/2 hrs for 21K files. That's on a 100Mbps local net. It reported 33 MB/min. Here again the snapshot was slow, especially over the net. When my tape drive gets fixed, I'll use that for monthly full backups.
  11. tdenbo

    ZoneAlarm Pro Hangs Backup

    I finally got a work around on this beast. Before SP3 I could stop ZAP or have it not load on startup and the problem happened. The only way I could get around it was a total uninstall of ZAP. I had trouble with the install of SP3. It would not complete on my machine unless I checked create uninstall directory, so much for saving time by not checking it. With SP3, if I do not load ZAP at startup but start it manually, the problem goes away. If I load ZAP on startup and shut it down manually, it hangs. Something about the way ZAP loads at startup causes the problem
  12. ARGH I have no plugs left on my ATA cables. I only have 1 PCI slot left also. Looks like my choices are; 1. buy another ATA controller and buy another internal HD. 2. buy a USB 1.1 external device (about 10 times slower that USB 2.0 or Firewire). 3. buy a Firewire external device and attach it to my notebook (my only PC with a Fireware plug). No 1 is the cheapest alternative.
  13. My problem now is that I have no more front panel slots to mount an internal removable drive. I was planning to get a bigger box, but I got a deal on a mini tower, so I am stuck for front panel space. I'm thinking that I'll get a cheap internal hard drive for now. I like being able to have several incremental backups to choose from. When the USB 2.0, Firewire, or Serial ATA external devices get cheaper, I'll get one of those. I won't have easy removability, but is should only take 5-10 mins to yank the backup drive if I need to. I better check to see if I have an empty plug on one of my ATA controller cables.
  14. Thanks Go, Got any recommendations for removable bay for home use? Now I have a separate partition for restores. It has W2K and Retrospect on it. This works well for restores to my boot partition. If the drive fails however, I'll need the recovery print out to recreate the partitions. A dockable drive appeals to me. A 80GB HD is about the same price as a similar capacity tape. That makes HD almost as expendable as a tape! I have no more internal slots so I'll need an external device. That leaves IDE devices out due to short cables (40 cm max). When Serial ATA drives are mature they will be excellent candidates. They have plugs around 8 mm wide and can be 1 meter in length. It's also hot swappable. For now I'm stuck with SCSI external removable bay. I may be able to stick it on my cheap SCSI port now used by my tape drive
  15. I'm considering dumping my tape drive and buying a cheap hard drive for backups. What advantages does Retrospect to HD give over simple HD to HD copying?