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    Does Retrospective 7.0 Actually Work?

    Thanks for the feedback. I have 3 different Dells (GX-270, 360 and 650), 3 different drives (ND-10100A, ND-2100AD and PX-708UF) and 4 different brands of DVD+R/W media (Imation, Fujifilm, Sony and Maxell) (I'm not using CD-R at the moment). All exhibit the same behaviour. It's difficult to believe they all share a common hardware problem or that the media all share a common manufacturing defect. I need a functional backup option, so I'm anxious to believe Retropect 7.0 will work, but at the moment Occam suggest that the common failure here is Retrospect 7.0.
  2. drmathprog

    Does Retrospective 7.0 Actually Work?

    So I guesss I assume Retrospect is not yet ready for prime time with DVD R/W media?
  3. drmathprog

    Does Retrospective 7.0 Actually Work?

    I did manage to remove the custom configuration from within Retrospect, although I never found any "*.rdi" files to delete. It is now using the NEC ND-1100A driver support. That has helped. A simple "C:" drive backup now has several dozen "error -206 drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc" errors rather than several hundred. That seems like progress, but it still doesn't seem like an acceptable outcome on which to base my system backups. Are there other issues I should be exploring to get error-free backups to DVD R/W, or is that just not achieveable with Versoin 7.0?
  4. drmathprog

    Does Retrospective 7.0 Actually Work?

    On my Dell GX-270, which has the NEC ND-2100AD (an unsupported device), the Configure > Devices > Environment shows the driver _NEC DVD +RW - RDI (1.56). According to the Windows Explorer Search Engine, there are no "*.RDI" files on any local drives. Under the "Product" column heading, it shows "DVD+RW ND-2100AD", which I find encouraging, even though it doesn't work properly. The Dell 650 Workstation, which has the NEC ND-1100A, a supported device, also shows the " _NEC DVD +RW - RDI (1.56)" device. There are, however, no "*.RDI" on any of the local files, at least according to the Windows Explorer search tool. If I understand the advice given here, using the custome device is apparently an error. Should I remove the custom driver support? If so, since the machine has no "*.RDI" files for me to delete, how do I remove the custom device and restore the organic ND-1100A device?
  5. drmathprog

    Does Retrospective 7.0 Actually Work?

    Thanks for the info. None of the three machines have any *.rdi files, even though all of them went through the Retrospect 7.0 custom configuration routine. Is this a typo? Should I be searching for some other file type? These verify errors don't seem to be DVD device write speed dependend. They occur on all three machines even at the slowest write speeds.
  6. I licensed 6.5 a few years ago, but it never worked, and I abandoned it. I'm now trying the 7.0 demo to determine if anything has changed. So far, no luck. I've tried backups on 3 different Dells: 1. Optiplex GX270 with XP Pro and SP1 and an NEC ND-2100AD DVD drive; 2. 360 Workstation with W2K, SP4 and both a NEC ND-1100A DVD and a Plexitor PX-708UF DVD drive; and 3. 650 Workstation with XP Pro and SP1 and an NEC ND-1100A DVD drive. On each, Retrospect 7.0 installs correctly and runs successfully the "Configure CD/DVD drive" routine. I set it up for DVD +RW, and it seems satisfied with that. When I attempt a simple boot drive backup, it successfully creates a backup set of DVD+RW discs. I have the "Verify" option set. On every drive and every machine, the verify process discovers hundreds of errors. They are all of the " error -206 drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc." variety. This occurs with both Imation and Fujifilm brands media. This seems like a pretty big coincidence to me; particulary since all the machines and DVD drives seem to work properly for other uses. Is Retrospect still not ready for prime time?
  7. drmathprog

    Win2K SP3 Issues?

    Are there any known issues with Win2K SP3and Retrospect Destop 5.6? I've been using Destop 5.6 Win successfully on a stand-alone Dell workstation under Sp2 to do immediate local backups to Travan tapes for months. I updated to SP3, and now Retrospect wanders off into the wilderness: 10 hours into a usual 2 hour backup and there is no tape activity, just a periodic disk access light blink. I can't even bring up the Windows task manager to see what's going on. Neither Retrospect nor the Windows Explorer responds.