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  1. Hi- I just wanted to second this suggestion. I am using a Windows XP server (Retrospect Professional 6.0) to back up a Mac OS X 10.1.5 client. I would love to have a way to create a disaster recovery CD, even if the only thing it contained was a bare minimum system with networking capabilities + properly configured Retrospect client, so that I could boot off it and run the network restore without having to do anything else. Cheers, d.
  2. Hi all- I am using Retrospect Pro 6.0 on Windows XP Professional to back up a PowerBook client running Mac OS X 10.1.5 (Retrospect Client 5.0.536). Overall, everything works great, but I discovered one issue. It seems that Retrospect has problems backing up files with Russian filenames (something OS X supports natively). There are two issues. First, after the backup runs, I get a notification that backup completed with 33 errors (there are 50+ files with Russian characters in their file names). The rest of the files get backed up, but when I ran a test restore, the files were restored with garbled filenames. When I opened the files in iTunes (they're MP3s), iTunes displayed the correct name, and they played fine. It seems that nothing about the content of the files was damaged, including Russian names in the tags, but it's still a nuisance to have the garbled file names. Not to mention the fact that more than half of the files aren't backed up at all. Any idea if it's a known bug/whether it's going to be fixed? Or is it something I'm doing wrong? Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac that I could use as a server; otherwise I wouldn't be resorting to a cross-platform solution. Thanks for any info or suggestions, d.