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  1. aussant

    PPC Linux Clients

    Are there any plans to port the current Linux client to the PPC based systems aswell as the existing x86 systems? I have a triple boot system (OS X, OS 9, Gentoo Linux) and would like to back up the entire system using Retrospect. Booting the system in Gentoo Linux and then launching a OS X shell (using MacOnLinux) I'd like to be able to back up the Gentoo Linux partition using the familiar Retrospect software. I'm not sure if a common binary of the Linux client for PPC would support the various distributions of Linux that are available on the PPC architecture. Dan
  2. aussant

    Drive Not Visible on Client

    I found the problem. It was a permissions related problem. Initially I had the permissions on the root level of the hard drive set to the local administrator account, and domain admins only. I didn't think this was a problem since I had used the local administrator account to install the client (running at administrator level nothing should be inaccessible). Once I reset the root level of the hard drive to everyone, the drive is now visible. Folders within the drive that have administrator access only can be accessed fine. Why is the root level of the drive so critical? This is not documented in the User's Guide (or did I miss it). Dan
  3. aussant

    Drive Not Visible on Client

    Uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled as suggested. SCSI drive still not visible. Is there an issue with permissions on the drive? I'm assuming that should be moot since the backup is performed with administrator privileges.
  4. aussant

    Drive Not Visible on Client

    I'm trying to back up a Windows 2000 Server using v6.0.110 of the Retrospect client. This client is currently logged in as admin. The backup server is a Windows NT 4.0 machine running v6.0.206 of the Multi Server Edition, also logged in as admin. The problem is one of the SCSI drives on the W2K server is not visible from the server. The retrospect client can't seem to identify the drive. The drive is mounted and visible from the W2K server's desktop. Any suggestions? Dan