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  1. It is possible to invoke a program automatically when a USB HDD is inserted, but we start Retrospect this way? The problem with lappies is that often when the schedule is due to run the drive is not attached so we get error reports, and in some cases if the user is not paying attention a new member is selected in error. It would be better to autorun Retrospect when the drive is loaded, thus the user can just select the defined backup. However although I have tried this I am unable to get Retrospect to open - does anyone know if this is possible - WD securebackup autostarts from the usb drive, but its a terrible program?
  2. robmar0se

    Says Media Is Full - It Isn't

    Thank you, you have been very helplful. We will try option 1 and see what happens when we remove the tick/marker - will post back here after we see what happens. If this fails we will revert and try option 2. Bottom line we will start afresh, annoying as this issue has happened before. Will post back here with results.
  3. robmar0se

    Says Media Is Full - It Isn't

    Certainly wasn't ticked by the user directly. When Retrospect asked for a new member after a grooming process, the backup process was cancelled. Questions really as per my last post. 1. If we remove the tick does Retrospect continue with member 1? 2. Or, if we add member 2 as is, does Retrospect continue to use member 1, or does retrospect start afresh? 3.Can this problem be caused by a USB malfunction, ie drive not ready?
  4. robmar0se

    Says Media Is Full - It Isn't

    Thank you very much for your response. The properties says there is one member - it says there is 230gb free, but the box that says the member is lost or damaged is ticked. What is the best solution to this? Even if we create a second member within the same external harddrive, as the original backupset is marked as lost/damaged I assume data cannot be recovered from it? If correct, just creating a second member doesn't necessarily do a full backup? I suspect that this problem maybe created because the external harddrive was not ready ar the time - eg USB cable not fully attached etc.
  5. Running Retropect 7.6 express onto an Iomega 320gb external hdd connected via USB to a PC running Windows XP SP3. Today, the backup failed, as it asked for the location of new media as the existing resource was full - Backup Set A - this is after a grooming operation had occurred. We checked the system for any other folders with the same name, and there were none. We checked the Iomega hdd and it shows 95% free (1) What causes this! and (2) How do we resolve this? Any ideas?