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  1. Hi Nate, Thanks for the thoughts - I'm not using the client as... it's a Linux partition I'm backing up over samba (hence my other post ;-) I'd rather not steam clean Retrospect for the minute; hmmn. I wonder if it's because the network connection is occasionally not present, so when an auto backup is fired, the login fails (as the machine is offline), so it forgets the password? Ian
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  3. Hi, I've been having odd problems with the auto-login feature of Retrospect Express 6.0 (running under XP Home); I've used the tutorial: TITLE: How to edit the Launcher Service and configure an Automatic Login to backup mapped volumes - Windows 6.0 and earlier Article ID: 2776 To set up auto-login for network mounts. This works fine, but... every now and then, the password is forgotten (i.e. I run Retrospect manually, check "My Network Places", Properties, click on the drive icon for the password and... nothing is set!). The remote mount is on a laptop that's given its IP address via DHCP, but it is always showing up "A" ok under windows when checking the machines in the local workgroup... odd. Its as if something, somewhere is reseting the p assword I'm typing in, and deleting it. Help! :-( Ian
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    Compression bug?

    P.S. Forgot to say, "I'm using Windows XP" Ian
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    Compression bug?

    Hi, I've found the following oddity with Retrospect 6.0 (using Sony DRU-120A DVD+RW): Full backup with compression: First DVD takes 776 files (3.1Gb), total of 5 DVD+RWs required, last DVD+RW used 2.9Gb Full backup without compression: First DVD takes 1095 files (4.4Gb), total of 5 DVD+RWs required, last DVD+RW used 0.8Gb ! The bulk of my files on the first 2 DVDs are my music collection - OpenMG format. Looks like turning on compression actually expands them! I had the same issue with Retrospect 5.6, so I upgraded - only to find the same problem. What is going on? If the compression algorithm hits a data file with nigh-on random (=> uncompressable) content, does it expand in size?!? Help! :-( Ian