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  1. BitPusher

    EFS Backup--Is it working?

    In Windows XP Professional SP2. I was one of the people who reported a problem with backing up NTFS EFS files with Retrospect Professional V7.0 and early incarnations of V7.5. I have been running Retrospect V7.5.285 since July 7, 2006 and have not experienced any problems with backing up NTFS EFS files since then, including large .ZIP files and using thorough verification. I even successfully performed a "bare-metal" recovery with the Disaster Recovery CD when my Seagate ST336752LW 15000 rpm LVD SCSI system hard drive went belly-up about 5-months ago. Actually, I did this from a DVD. My DR size was 699 mb which just fit on a CD. I initially burned both the CD and DVD, but used the DVD for recovery and it worked fine. If it wouldn't have worked I would of used the CD instead. Not sure what would have been the result if the image had been over 700MB. I'm really surprised to see that backing up EFS under Vista is not supported. That is the first mention of this that I've seen. I would like to know where the "official" documentation of that fact resides. However, that doesn't affect me since I NEVER plan to go to Vista. No way am I paying $500.00 for a bunch of grief and broken applications. I haven't yet heard of a Vista feature that I would even pay $10.00 for. A pretty interface is worth $0.00 to me. Carl Johnson
  2. BitPusher

    Catalog backup?

    Hi rhwalker, Since you "Re: BitPusher" I assume you were replying to me and not Ken C. The location of my Retrospect catalog files has never been anywhere in the "My Documents" directory tree. In fact, the location where Retrospect saves them and the copies I make are each on separate physical hard drives. In Ken's OP he said his catalog files were in "My Documents". He didn't say whether or not he was using EFS, but if he is, the "My Documents" directory tree structure is included in the "Tips for Implementing EFS" in the Windows XP Professional Resource Kit book, so I was just pointing out something for him to consider if he is using EFS and if "My Documents" was EFS encrypted. Carl Johnson
  3. BitPusher

    Catalog backup?

    Hi Ken, You didn't describe your system environment, so I can't say how long it would take for you to recreate your Retrospect catalog from the backup set. The only time I ever had to do that was several years ago when I was still using tape for the backup set data. It took over 11 hours to recreate the catalog with my having to semi-babysit the system to change tapes. I decided that was the last time I was going to that, and came up with the procedure I described. I actually use a JP Software 4NT batch program to do the .rbc copies. I only use immediate backups, but you might be able to accomplish this with a Retrospect Duplicate function to copy the .rbc file after the backup completes, but if your "My Documents" is EFS encrypted you will have to use the CIPHER command to decrypt the copy, otherwise if you have to reinstall Windows for some reason or another, any of your EFS data won't be usable until you first import your EFS Certificates and Private Key. Since I am the only user of this system, I know if I'm going to do something risky (like allowing the latest Windows updates to be installed) I run an immediate backup beforehand. In any event I run an immediate backup every 2 or 3 days or more often if I've changed a lot. For my daily or multiple-daily backups for commonly changed data such as my Quicken files and C and C++ source code I use something I used before I bought Retrospect. I have a batch file that invokes PKZIPC (Command Line PKZIP) with an Include List that specifies the directories I want to back up. This runs in about 30 seconds versus about 10 minutes to run the Retrospect Normal/Incremental backup. I tried to set up Retrospect for doing this to a separate Backup Set, but I met my match in trying to set up a Retrospect Selector that wasn't going to be hundreds of lines long, so I continued using my old method. The most important thing for any backup/recovery scheme is to make sure it works and you can do a successful recovery if necessary. Carl Johnson
  4. BitPusher

    Catalog backup?

    As an addendum to my previous post, the reason I don't store my Retrospect .rbc files in the "My Documents" directory is that I have it and its subdirectory tree structure encrypted with Windows XP Professional EFS (Encrypting File System). If I was going to do a recovery of a totally trashed system I wouldn't want to have to deal with having to import EFS Certificates and Private Keys in order to access the Retrospect .rbc catalog file(s). By storing them in a non-EFS directory, they and any copies are not encrypted allowing easy access. Carl Johnson
  5. BitPusher

    Catalog backup?

    Ken, What I do after a backup, is to copy the .rbc file that was created by the just completed backup to a directory on a different physical hard drive on my system in order to have a local backup of the .rbc file that was just created. Then I also copy it to the root directory of the 750 GB external Firewire hard drive containing the backup data itself. When I used to back up to tape, I copied the catalog file to a ZIP disk and kept it with the tape. With my current arrangement, I have 2 online local copies and a copy on the external hard drive that I periodically rotate (with 2 others) to my safe deposit box, so if someone steals all my computer equipment I still have the offsite backup and the .rbc that goes with it on the external drive without going through the hassle of recreating the catalog by "scanning" the whole backup set. Although I keep nothing in "My Documents" this should also work if the .rbc files are located there. Just create a new directory (preferably on a different physical hard disk) to keep the .rbc copies. HTH Carl Johnson
  6. In Retrospect Professional V7.5.285, Driver Update and Hot Fix, version I have 4 hard drives online at any one time, one of which is in a removable tray. In the removable tray I swap between a "normal use" drive and a drive I keep "old" files on. When I run my regular system backups using the Normal backup option, I don't have this problem. However, when I swap in the "old file" drive in the removable tray and run its Normal backup (to its own Backup Set) Retrospect wants to backup some, but not all, of the files it has already backed up (sometimes more than once). In the session contents I checked several files that had been previously backed up more than once and their Properties are identical. I was going to enclose a screen shot that showed this but apparently I can't attach an image to a post. I do have all 4 of the "backup security options" set because I want to back up the file security information and the drive is formatted NTFS. From a post back in April, 2006 I saw a similar problem and a solution was to turn off the "Back up file security information from workstations". When I turn that option off then Retrospect doesn't try to re-backup any files as it should even with the option turned on. The only basic difference between the way I run the backups is that for my normal system backup I am using a Source Group that has 9 volumes (including the "normal use" drive in the removable tray). When I swap drives in the removable tray I run the "old file" backup by specifying its volume (whose label is different from the "normal use" drive and has a separate entry in the Retrospect "Volumes Database"). Why is this happening and how can I backup the Windows file security information without Retrospect trying to backup some identical files multiple times, or is this not possible?? Carl Johnson
  7. Can Retrospect Professional V6.5.350, Driver Update 5.4.110 successfully backup, compare, and restore Windows XP Sparse files? The reason I am asking this question is that I did a search on "sparse" in the Retrospect .pdf user manual, the Retrospect program Help, and this forum and got 0 (zero) hits on "sparse". Thank you for any information on this matter, Carl Johnson
  8. I have two suggestions for the Retrospect Operations Log: 1. Date and Time stamp ALL messages logged to Retrospect Operations Log - especially error messages. To have to baby sit a backup that can run for hours and hours to see when a particular error(s) occurred is Caveman days technology. 2. Log more major events pertaining to the backup run such as when new media is requested and when that request was actually satisfied. Carl Johnson
  9. RonaldL, Since I will be reverting back to my registered copy of Retrospect Professional V6.5 this weekend, I decided to run another test even though you didn't request it. This test was to eliminate my tape drive as the cause of the problem. I backed up and Thoroughly Verified the same 14 files (that reside on a Hitachi 500 GB PATA drive) to my main system drive which is a 15000 rpm Seagate LVD SCSI drive. Unfortunately, every one of the 14 files failed the Through Verify with one sort of error or another. This certainly eliminated the tape drive as the source of the problem. I doubt it is a problem with my Adaptec 29160N SCSI adapter because my Windows system files reside on the SCSI disk and I have no problems with it. The log file for this test follows my name. The main reason I ran this test is because I also backup to external Firewire hard drives, but I didn't run a test to them because I didn't want to take a chance of trashing a current good V6.5 backup that resides there, plus I would probably get the same errors. According to the License selection in V7.5, my trial doesn't expire until 03/25/2006, so if you need me to test something important after this weekend I can reinstall the trial again for a test. This would certainly be a lot easier and waste less time if multiple versions of Retrospect Professional could coexist on the same system - like a lot of other software packages. Carl Johnson ==================== + Retrospect version 7.5.251 Launched at 02/09/2006 23:27 + Executing Immediate Backup at 02/09/2006 23:36 To Backup Set IHD00_SP01_R75-1... 02/09/2006 23:36:21: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset - 02/09/2006 23:36:21: Copying NTF_DATA1 (F:) 02/09/2006 23:44:30: Snapshot stored, 476 KB 02/09/2006 23:44:31: Comparing NTF_DATA1 (F:) File "F:\N1P00\XA0E0000A.zip": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "F:\N1P00\XA0EDMSCA.zip": didn't compare File "F:\NIMAHDD0\DESCRIPT.ION": didn't compare File "F:\NIMAHDD0\NIMA000AD.zip": can't read, error 1 (unknown) File "F:\NIMAHDD0\NIMA003D.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\NIMAHDD0\NIMAP3O3SI_200506.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\PIMAHDD0\PIMA971A.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\S1T00\OA1RMPS00.zip": didn't compare File "F:\S1T00\ON1RJXF00.zip": didn't compare File "F:\TEMPTIF0\NVIMO999.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\CDRPA3CMP2-0002.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\MPSCAN00.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\PMSC0021.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\TMPVDLD1.zip": didn't compare 02/09/2006 23:46:38: 14 execution errors Completed: 14 files, 5.5 GB, with 0% compression Performance: 1112.2 MB/minute (703.6 copy, 2652.5 compare) Duration: 00:10:16 (00:00:14 idle/loading/preparing) Exit at 02/09/2006 23:54 ====================
  10. PolarBackup, I agree it has been frustrating and a lot of time wasted running tests. If you looked at my post from last summer you can see it took a while for anyone to even believe there was a problem. With version 7.0 I also had a few large EFS encrypted files that worked ok, but for my testing of V7.5 I selected a subset of only files that failed with V7.0, because if those didn't work there was no point of continuing my testing. Carl Johnson
  11. Two things I forgot on my previous reply: 1. What ever happened to the option to clear the Archive Attribute? 2. I still can't believe that error messages are still not date/time stamped, when relatively useless messages such as "Manual erase of tape" are date/time stamped. Carl Johnson
  12. Hi RonaldL, I ran the test you requested with the same 14 files with Media Verification active and the backup/verify completed successfully. The log file for the test follows my name. The message "That operation was not licensed." probably was created when I was checking the backup set properties and clicked on the "Binding" tab. Some miscellaneous things I noticed and other ramblings about the test: 1. During the verify, the performance mb/min never showed a value higher than 66 mb/min (usually it was in the 30's), but yet the Operations Log showed the Verify performance as 170.6 mb/min. 2. During the verify, the remaining time value is all over the place. Sometimes it seems to have a reasonable value, and then when there were only 3 more files to verify it indicated the remaining time as over 2.5 hours. Even more interesting, the remaining time value would just completely go away and then later reappear. 3. I think the Operations Log should indicate whether a Thorough or a Media verification was performed. I think Operations Log should also show a lot of other major events, but I guess that is out of the scope of this test and also a losing battle to ever get to happen. 4. One of the most interesting thing to me was the operation of the tape drive during the Media Verification operation. Unlike during the backup and a Thorough verify where the tape continuously moves for about 24 seconds then stops for about 4 seconds ad nauseam, the tape continuously moved during the Media Verify. I got down on my hands and knees and put my ear next to the tape drive to verify this. It only stopped for a short time when it apparently came to the end of a track (minutes instead of 24 seconds). It didn't run as fast as when it would rewind, but it was moving at a good clip. Now if only the backup and Thorough verify had an operational characteristic like this instead of the constant stop-and-go. Well, I hope this test provided you with the information you desired. If not, let me know. Lastly regarding Media Verification, having been a longtime IBM mainframe systems programmer, I'm not sure I trust it. Maybe if I knew the full gory details of its operation and a budget for two tape drives that performed read-after-write so I could make two highly trusted copies at the same time-maybe, in the meanwhile it is Thorough Verification for me. Carl Johnson ============ + Retrospect version 7.5.251 Launched at 02/08/2006 18:10 ! 02/08/2006 18:11: Manual erase of tape "" + Executing Immediate Backup at 02/08/2006 18:21 To Backup Set ADR20_SP00_R75-1... 02/08/2006 18:21:52: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset - 02/08/2006 18:21:52: Copying NTF_DATA1 (F:) 02/08/2006 19:10:41: Snapshot stored, 476 KB 02/08/2006 19:11:14: Execution completed successfully Completed: 14 files, 5.5 GB, with 0% compression Performance: 117.9 MB/minute Duration: 00:49:22 (00:02:08 idle/loading/preparing) - 02/08/2006 19:11:14: Verifying ADR20_SP00_R75-1 02/08/2006 19:44:47: Execution completed successfully Completed: 14 files, 5.5 GB Performance: 170.6 MB/minute Duration: 00:33:33 (00:00:54 idle/loading/preparing) That operation was not licensed. Exit at 02/08/2006 19:49 ============
  13. Well my testing of Retrospect Professional V7.5 didn't take as long as I hoped because, somewhat surprisingly, the bug I reported last summer (Post #58368) that was introduced in V7.0 is still there in V7.5, to wit, Retrospect Professional V7.5 is unable to successfully backup and/or verify large .ZIP files residing in a NTFS EFS (Encrypting File System) directory. In fact, one file (DESCRIPT.ION), while in an EFS directory, is not even a .ZIP file and is only 70 bytes long. The test I ran used 14 files mostly the same as I tested for V7.0, and most of them were unchanged since then. Please note: 1. As in V7.0 the backup portion seemed to run successfully and the snapshot was stored - All the errors occurred during the verify phase. The "Thorough Verify" was turned on. 2. After the failed Retrospect V7.5 test, I ran the Windows XP Professional program to backup and verify the same 14 files. The Windows XP Backup program was able to successfully backup and verify the 14 files with NO problems. The log from the Windows XP backup program follows the Retrospect V7.5 log that follows my name. 3. The 14 test files were on a volume that contains only data - no executables. 4. For both the Retrospect V7.5 test and the Windows Backup program test, the only other application running was the Windows XP Performance Monitor. 5. Operating system is Windows XP Professional SP2 with all updates available as of about 2 weeks ago applied. 6. File size and date information can be found in the Windows XP Backup program log. 7. The same physical tape was used for both the Retrospect V7.5 and Windows XP Backup program tests. I can live without a usable backup program for a few days in case anyone has any plausible ideas on how to correct this bug. Otherwise I will have to uninstall the trial of V7.5 and revert back to my registered version of Retrospect Professional V6.5. Carl Johnson ===================== Retrospect Professional V7.5 Log follows: + Retrospect version 7.5.251 Launched at 02/08/2006 10:50 ! 02/08/2006 11:13: Manual erase of tape "" + Executing Immediate Backup at 02/08/2006 12:15 To Backup Set ADR20_SP00_R75-1... 02/08/2006 12:15:33: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset - 02/08/2006 12:15:33: Copying NTF_DATA1 (F:) 02/08/2006 13:04:39: Snapshot stored, 476 KB 02/08/2006 13:04:47: Comparing NTF_DATA1 (F:) File "F:\N1P00\XA0E0000A.zip": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "F:\N1P00\XA0EDMSCA.zip": didn't compare File "F:\NIMAHDD0\DESCRIPT.ION": didn't compare File "F:\NIMAHDD0\NIMA000AD.zip": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) File "F:\NIMAHDD0\NIMA003D.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\NIMAHDD0\NIMAP3O3SI_200506.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\PIMAHDD0\PIMA971A.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\S1T00\OA1RMPS00.zip": didn't compare File "F:\S1T00\ON1RJXF00.zip": didn't compare File "F:\TEMPTIF0\NVIMO999.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\CDRPA3CMP2-0002.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\MPSCAN00.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\PMSC0021.ZIP": didn't compare File "F:\TOREORG\TMPVDLD1.zip": didn't compare 02/08/2006 13:48:58: 14 execution errors Completed: 14 files, 5.5 GB, with 0% compression Performance: 134.6 MB/minute (116.9 copy, 158.7 compare) Duration: 01:33:25 (00:10:40 idle/loading/preparing) Exit at 02/08/2006 13:51 ===================== Windows XP Professional Backup Program Log follows: Backup Status Operation: Backup Active backup destination: miniQIC Media name: "Media created 02/08/2006 at 14:06" Backup (via shadow copy) of "F: NTF_DATA1" Backup set #1 on media #1 Backup description: "Set created 02/08/2006 at 14:06" Media name: "Media created 02/08/2006 at 14:06" Backup Type: Normal Backup started on 02/08/2006 at 14:08. Folder F:\N1P00 XA0E0000A.zip 797826670 12/06/2005 16:49 XA0EDMSCA.zip 370206499 01/03/2004 10:01 Folder F:\NIMAHDD0 DESCRIPT.ION <H> 70 07/21/2005 07:18 NIMA000AD.zip 175868114 11/23/2004 22:15 NIMA003D.ZIP 1082476880 01/03/2004 10:40 NIMAP3O3SI_200506.ZIP 2307050827 07/13/2005 11:01 Folder F:\PIMAHDD0 PIMA971A.ZIP 48596067 01/03/2004 11:34 Folder F:\S1T00 OA1RMPS00.zip 1075118 01/03/2004 09:44 ON1RJXF00.zip 4150345 01/03/2004 09:44 Folder F:\TEMPTIF0 NVIMO999.ZIP 122380014 08/31/2004 16:32 Folder F:\TOREORG CDRPA3CMP2-0002.ZIP 223760167 01/03/2004 08:56 MPSCAN00.ZIP 137771697 01/02/2004 21:51 PMSC0021.ZIP 151330119 09/16/2004 21:56 TMPVDLD1.zip 418516143 07/06/2005 06:30 Backup completed on 02/08/2006 at 14:45. Directories: 7 Files: 14 Bytes: 5,886,664,888 Time: 37 minutes and 23 seconds ---------------------- Verify Status Operation: Verify After Backup Active backup destination: miniQIC Verify of "F:" Backup set #1 on media #1 Backup description: "Set created 02/08/2006 at 14:06" Verify started on 02/08/2006 at 14:46. Folder F:\N1P00 Folder F:\NIMAHDD0 Folder F:\PIMAHDD0 Folder F:\S1T00 Folder F:\TEMPTIF0 Folder F:\TOREORG Verify completed on 02/08/2006 at 15:18. Directories: 7 Files: 14 Different: 0 Bytes: 5,886,664,888 Time: 31 minutes and 32 seconds ---------------------- =====================
  14. BitPusher

    Compresion Selector

    Thanks for the information waltr. Yes, I would definitely make a copy of the compression selector before making any changes. Presently, I only plan to add the .tif extension to the list. At first glance this seems to be a fairly innocuous option and I'm surprised it is "hidden". Maybe after I think about it for a while I'll change my mind. Carl Johnson
  15. BitPusher

    Confusion Regarding New Version (7.5) Product Trial

    Thanks RonaldL, Things are looking much better now. I went to the "Try" page and entered the information and am now in the process of downloading Retro-EN_7_5_251.exe. I have also received the trial password and that also indicates it is for V7.5 and not V6.5. I am on dial-up so I have a little over 2.5 hours left in the download (time for an afternoon nap). I'm anxious to try the new version because it seems that there are a lot of good new features. I just hope the bug with backing up/verifying large EFS encrypted .ZIP files has been fixed - If not, that would be a show-stopper. If my testing of the trial is satisfactory, I will be purchasing the upgrade in a few days. Thanks again, Carl Johnson