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  1. Thanks, Twickland... That last suggestion is probably the most reliable given what I am trying to do... I had been trying to manage a way to not have errors in the log, though we would know these are "okay" errors, but I think I'll move in that direction. Have a great week, and a Merry Christmas! -Anthony
  2. Quote: If this is a disk backup set, you will confuse Retrospect. You can not have a single catalog file pointing to 2 different disks with the same member name. Both identically named disks will eventually become out of sync with the catalog. It is ugly and a bad idea. Totally unsupported from my point of view. Hey there! There is a unique catalog file on each disk, so each local catalog refers to it's own local backup set ... obviously, one catalog can't account for two different sets of media so I don't think that'll be a problem. And, the system appears to be working, but I came here for that ever valuable second opinion :-) So if you consider this "ugly and a bad idea", tell me what the "PhD in Backup" would recommend in the scenario I'm talking about. Thanks!!! -Anthony
  3. Quote: Why name them the same? No matter which Type of Backup Set you use (File or Removable Disk) Retrospect can be configured to deal properly with Destinations with unique names. Hey Dave... I named them the same so if I skipped a day or in the case of not being in on the weekend Retrospect would see the disk and back up to it without having to worry about odd or even days, etc. I *am* using a FILE based backup, and what I want is to have full backups on each disk without having to worry about skip-a-day problems... Are you implying that I can setup both DISK1 and DISK2 as destinations, and both sets will have complete copies and not just partials, i.e. I would need to have both disks handy in the event of a restore? And, if I do a DISK1 and DISK2, should I have DESKTOP1 and DESKTOP2, LAPTOP1 and LAPTOP2, etc. as the actual backup sets on each disk? I ask this because I don't believe it was fully clear in the manual, doing what I'm trying to do. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hey Everyone... We have an XServe running Retrospect, backing up to an external 1TB Firewire 800 drive. I performed a full backup of the server and all our workstations onto the drive (which I named BACKUP). I then took a second drive, called it BACKUP-2 and copied all the data from BACKUP to BACKUP-2 I ejected BACKUP and renamed BACKUP-2 to BACKUP, so now I have two drives with identical names and identical data. My question: if I perform weekly rotations, i.e. every Friday swap them out and take one drive offsite, will I be getting complete backups on both drives? I assume I will since the catalog is kept on the external disk and the snapshot of current files on the machine will be compared to the snapshot of the computer on that particular drive. Thanks for your input on this! -Anthony
  5. Hey there.... I have Retrospect running as a Backup Server on a Mac OS X Machine. I'd like to have the Mac auto-reboot once a week but Retrospect seems to prevent automatic or manual reboots... I have to do a "Quit" out of Retrospect and THEN I can restaret my machine. Any ideas aound this? Thanks! -Anthony Navarro
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    Thanks SO much. That did the trick -Anthony www.wellthyones.com
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    Whew! I though it was just me. Dantz: can you put a link up to download the latest client software (latest for version 5, that is?) Thanks!, and of course, I need it NOW!!! :-) -Anthony