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  1. Sigh... it's that time of year again - time to clean up and archive backups - when I face major hassles with Retrospect. What should be relatively straight-forward, always turns into a multi-week drama where I question the reliability of Retrospect backups. Every year it's the same story, just different 'assertions' 😬 I have a backup set which contains weekly backups from the last two years - 2017 and 2018 - and I want to create new set (as a document archive) with only monthly snapshots and a selection of the directories/files from the original backup. I'm using the latest version of Retrospect Desktop for Windows, version My Windows 10 workstation is completely up to date. Transferring the selected snapshots goes fine* for most of the snapshots from 2018, then I start getting assertion failures for various snapshots from 2017: Assertion failure at elem.cpp-1096 LmGet: ndex = 2 > nsp->count = 1 I recreated the catalogue (which completed without error) but I still get the assertions during the snapshot transfer. If I try to transfer just the problem snapshots to a completely new backup set, I get the same assertions. I've tried different copies of the source backup set (I have one on-site and two off-site), but they result in the same assertions. I completely un-installed (including deleting the ProgramData\Retrospect directory), and re-installed, but I get the same error. Any suggestions? *Note: I write that transferring the selected snapshots goes fine, but even some of the transfers which are successful report missing files - odd, because the files (e.g. a cache file) weren't even in the backup in the first place, and I'm not trying to transfer them anyway. For example: [!] Exsp::exspBuildPartialFileSessionList: (OnSite) can not find node path "C:\...\GoogleEarth\dbCache1.dat" in session 2017.09.06 12:47:02.789 PM
  2. sowen222

    Assertion failure at elem.cpp-1096

    @DavidHertzberg Good idea - I've submitted the feature request. ...That said, I don't hold much hope out they'll implement it, as I've also repeatedly submitted bug reports over the years - FOR THE SAME BUGS - and although they are confirmed and escalated to engineering, they keep appearing, year after year.
  3. sowen222

    Assertion failure at elem.cpp-1096

    @DavidHertzberg Thanks for your reply, I was intending to update this post. I had contacted Customer Support, and they suggested a 'thorough rebuild' of the catalogue... I think that option used to be available in previous versions of Retrospect, but now it appears you have to go into the Backup Set folder and delete all the ".session" files, then do a rebuild, at which point Retrospect does the thorough rebuild (instead of the usual quick rebuild). The Retrospect for Windows documentation has not been updated recently, because there the 'fast rebuild' as a check-box (Retrospect v12) is still documented, and there's nothing about deleting the '.session' files to force a thorough rebuild. In any case, the rebuild detected broken chains in a number of files which had been backed-up in 2017 using block-level incremental, and it corrected the corresponding snapshot entries in the catalogue. After that, the transfer completed successfully. A bit drastic that Retrospect just dies with 'assertions' and meaningless messages, rather than giving a meaningful description and recovering gracefully, but oh well :-/. Just glad I have my backup set corrected, and for safety's sake, I've turned block-level incremental off (in my case, it wasn't resulting in a huge space saving anyway).
  4. In the Backup Sets / Properties / Snapshots window, I am unable to select multiple snapshots. This means I have to select one at a time to "Forget", and wait for quite some time for it to finish before I can select the next. I would like to be able to select all the snapshots I wish to forget so that I can groom the set do it all at once, and go away until it finishes. There seems to be no reason why I cannot select multiple entries in the list, just like I can do everywhere else in Retrospect. Can you please fix this?
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    Can't select multiple snapshots

    @Lennart - I know :-) but development has been resumed by the original team, so I thought they might be more responsive to suggestions and bug-reports.
  6. Just installed v10 (build 213) on Windows 8.1. I changed NO settings/preferences during the upgrade. - It is unable to send notification emails, error -592 "Invalid response from SMTP server". - It is also unable to check for updates (reports "cannot connect"). I double-checked the Windows Firewall settings, and they allow Retrospect through. I even temporarily disabled the firewall, and still the same errors.
  7. sowen222

    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    Here are screenshots of the update-check error, plus the dialog-box for the related preferences.
  8. sowen222

    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    @bdjunagan, @John Reed, I can confirm that the checkbox is missing in the Desktop version. I verified this omission with Retrospect Support via email and they have entered it as a bug. The bug with being unable to connect to the upgrade server is still present, and Support has just ignored it, saying there are currently no updates (I used to get "you are using the latest version", now I get an error... there *is* a difference).
  9. sowen222

    Email, update-check not working v10 build 213

    Thanks John, your work-around for SMTP works for me too. A previous version of Retrospect had this problem, as I recall, but it was later fixed. Somehow they re-introduced it in v10. Of course the "Check for Updates" still fails, but it wouldn't surprise me if it weren't due to a similar problem (e.g. an SSL-negotiated port).
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    V10 Windows desktop performance

    I have experienced no noticeable improvement either. I suspect the improvements are due to better co-ordination of Instant Scan (which I do not use/trust) in combination with multiple clients. Hopefully there will be a major improvement in copying snapshots which suddenly took 3 times longer with v9.5 than they did with previous versions. So they slow it down prior to releasing the new version, then speed it back up again with the new version and claim speed enhancements. Or am I just being cynical :-P
  11. I've had this happen as well over the years, usually with JPG files. Once you get such an MD5 error, it always reports it with the same file, even if you back it up again (unless you change the file in the meantime, of course). On two different occasions, Retrospect backed up two different JPG files, reported an MD5 error during the verify so Retrospect assumed they were not backed-up properly and kept trying again the next time, with the same MD5 error as a result. In the end, my work-around both times was to open the file and save it again (thereby changing the content). Retrospect's MD5 algorithm apparently has a problem with particular binary streams. Either that, or hard-drives are sometimes unable to record a particular binary pattern - odd, but I've heard of it happening.
  12. I run a backup every week, and I keep a few years backups. Until now, every December I would transfer the snapshots from the past 3 years, and use that as the base for the coming year, thereby discarding the 4th year. Next year I'll have built up 4 years again, and will discard the oldest year. Also, I'd only keep one snapshot from every month for the first 2 of those years. It would take a day or so to transfer all the 400 or so snapshots to create the new base. "Transfer Snapshots" is now essentially broken in v9.0 and 9.5. I started the usual transfer, and instead of a day to transfer all 400 odd snapshots, it had only transferred about 3 after 4 days!!! At this rate, it won't finish the transfer in a year!!! Retrospect Support acknowledged the problem - still not fixed despite the upgrade from 9.0 to 9.5 - and suggested I use "Transfer Backups" instead, but I can't see how to transfer a backup and drop the old snapshots. "Forgetting"/"Grooming" snapshots takes ages because Retrospect developers after 4 or 5 major versions STILL have not made it possible to perform multiple selections in the backup-set properties "snapshots" window, so you have to go one by one and it takes ages. I'd just like to select several at one time, select "Forget", and have Retrospect do its work. Quite simple to implement, really, just enable multiple select and then process them in a loop. Using a selector with "backed up before 1-1-2012" doesn't work either, because that would eliminate files that are still on my system, unchanged since 2011 (and hence only backed-up once). So how do I get rid of the 65 snapshots from 2011 plus all the weekly snapshots, leaving only the monthly snapshots? Any suggestions?
  13. No, the issue with the log-file is not yet fixed. Here's mine... And after 2 days, the progress counter just incremented to "2 of 492". Not sure how long this is going to take :-/ + Executing Backup Set Snapshot Transfer at 2014-12-10 11:03 To Backup Set OffSite-B... - 2014-12-10 11:03:50: Transferring from OnSite SXXX (C:) (2012-01-08 13:00) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-01-26 11:02) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-09-13 14:42) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-25 12:46) CXXX (D:) (2012-10-07 12:24) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-04-12 00:56) CXXX (S:) (2014-06-21 12:41) CXXX (D:) (2013-09-08 16:17) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2013-09-08 16:28) SXXX (C:) (2014-11-22 17:23) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-05-05 10:20) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-03-20 22:21) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-18 11:26) CXXX (D:) (2014-03-20 22:09) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2012-12-03 19:26) on Client "C00" TXXX (S:) (2014-10-18 10:39) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-02-01 12:26) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2012-07-01 10:28) TXXX (S:) (2014-05-24 11:51) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-09-21 18:19) MXXX (C:) (2014-04-12 14:32) MXXX (C:) (2013-12-31 18:37) SXXX (C:) (2014-02-08 17:06) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2012-06-03 13:31) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-11-05 17:00) SXXX (C:) (2014-09-06 12:22) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-04-12 13:43) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-07-12 13:08) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-06-14 12:46) SXXX (C:) (2014-03-08 14:58) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2012-11-13 19:45) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-04-19 12:33) MXXX (C:) (2014-02-08 17:28) on Client "C00" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-04 11:52) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-11-05 15:03) TXXX (S:) (2013-11-02 14:40) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-03-15 15:31) MXXX (C:) (2014-11-01 10:53) SXXX (C:) (2014-11-29 09:59) on Client "C01" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-23 11:29) TXXX (S:) (2014-07-09 14:12) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-05-24 12:33) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-27 12:32) CXXX (D:) (2014-03-15 15:21) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-09-13 14:41) TXXX (S:) (2014-01-01 12:50) on Client "C01" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-11-01 11:01) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-11 11:36) MXXX (C:) (2012-06-03 13:01) MXXX (C:) (2014-02-14 17:00) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-16 14:02) MXXX (C:) (2014-09-21 18:20) CXXX (S:) (2014-06-07 10:51) TXXX (S:) (2014-05-17 10:12) on Client "C01" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-21 18:38) TXXX (S:) (2014-08-23 10:59) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-11-22 17:45) CXXX (S:) (2014-01-12 13:01) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-25 12:34) SXXX (C:) (2014-05-31 09:35) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-12-06 10:25) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-03-01 18:33) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-09 12:02) MXXX (C:) (2014-05-10 11:03) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-13 15:03) MXXX (C:) (2013-12-07 12:09) TXXX (S:) (2014-04-07 16:20) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2014-01-12 12:50) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-02-22 13:52) on Client "C00" CXXX (D:) (2014-01-04 16:41) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-18 11:15) CXXX (S:) (2014-09-06 12:43) MXXX (C:) (2014-04-30 14:03) MXXX (C:) (2012-04-04 21:08) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-08 12:20) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-06 13:02) TXXX (S:) (2014-08-16 13:12) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2012-05-06 13:57) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-05-31 10:14) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-11-29 10:52) TXXX (S:) (2014-02-14 16:31) on Client "C01" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-11 11:26) SXXX (C:) (2012-10-07 11:25) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2013-12-31 10:07) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-04-26 10:34) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-30 12:09) MXXX (C:) (2014-03-01 15:15) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-03-01 15:58) TXXX (S:) (2014-06-28 10:52) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-08-03 11:31) CXXX (D:) (2014-04-30 13:59) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-10-04 11:42) CXXX (S:) (2013-05-02 18:14) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-12-06 20:36) SXXX (C:) (2013-09-08 15:31) on Client "C01" TXXX (S:) (2014-04-11 23:35) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-05-02 18:03) SXXX (C:) (2013-02-02 16:20) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-08-08 11:59) SXXX (C:) (2014-01-04 15:07) on Client "C01" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-07-25 14:46) TXXX (S:) (2013-07-05 14:59) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-05-24 12:32) MXXX (C:) (2014-09-27 12:13) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-27 12:21) MXXX (C:) (2014-07-25 14:26) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-16 14:14) MXXX (C:) (2013-08-03 10:57) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-08-09 11:51) TXXX (S:) (2014-10-04 11:13) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-11-01 10:31) on Client "C01" TXXX (S:) (2012-09-01 12:33) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2012-11-13 20:09) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-07-19 14:50) MXXX (C:) (2012-04-04 20:37) TXXX (S:) (2012-07-01 10:51) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-09-08 15:53) on Client "C00" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-09 12:13) MXXX (C:) (2014-07-12 13:44) CXXX (D:) (2014-03-01 18:23) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2013-03-03 10:16) on Client "C01" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-21 18:28) CXXX (S:) (2012-02-03 18:12) CXXX (D:) (2012-06-03 13:53) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2014-03-20 21:25) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2013-11-02 15:40) TXXX (S:) (2014-08-09 11:30) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2013-04-06 11:10) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-07-12 14:02) MXXX (C:) (2014-11-05 14:49) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-08 12:36) CXXX (D:) (2012-08-05 13:04) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-05-17 10:54) MXXX (C:) (2014-11-29 10:25) MXXX (C:) (2014-03-08 15:20) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-13 14:52) CXXX (S:) (2014-11-01 10:52) SXXX (C:) (2014-01-18 11:42) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2013-08-03 11:30) CXXX (D:) (2012-09-01 13:12) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2012-09-01 12:12) on Client "C01" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-03 13:20) CXXX (S:) (2014-02-14 17:39) CXXX (S:) (2012-05-06 13:56) MXXX (C:) (2014-06-28 11:34) SXXX (C:) (2014-08-09 11:31) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-04-19 11:42) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-07-05 15:34) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-09-06 12:51) MXXX (C:) (2012-09-01 12:48) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2013-07-05 14:39) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-08-16 13:40) CXXX (D:) (2014-04-26 10:30) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-10-04 11:34) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-07-25 15:01) MXXX (C:) (2014-03-15 14:56) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-28 11:53) SXXX (C:) (2014-08-23 11:01) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2012-09-01 12:37) SXXX (C:) (2014-06-28 10:55) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2012-12-31 15:46) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-05-10 11:02) CXXX (D:) (2014-03-01 15:43) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2014-12-01 20:34) on Client "C01" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-07-19 15:06) TXXX (S:) (2014-09-27 11:51) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2013-06-01 11:14) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-10-04 13:30) TXXX (S:) (2014-02-22 13:27) on Client "C01" TXXX (S:) (2014-03-20 21:23) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2014-02-08 18:00) CXXX (S:) (2013-02-02 17:28) SXXX (C:) (2014-03-01 17:39) on Client "C01" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-07-12 14:15) TXXX (S:) (2013-09-08 15:29) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-06-14 12:47) CXXX (S:) (2014-08-09 11:51) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-14 13:11) CXXX (D:) (2013-06-01 11:58) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-08-16 13:41) MXXX (C:) (2014-05-31 10:16) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-03 13:03) MXXX (C:) (2013-04-06 11:20) CXXX (D:) (2014-04-19 12:27) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2014-02-01 12:03) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2012-04-04 21:32) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-05-05 10:58) SXXX (C:) (2014-08-08 11:20) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-02-02 16:42) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-07 11:17) MXXX (C:) (2014-11-05 16:53) TXXX (S:) (2014-06-14 12:05) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2012-07-01 10:52) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-04-06 17:28) on Client "C00" Lost (M:) (2012-03-18 13:12) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-02-01 13:00) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-28 12:07) MXXX (C:) (2012-02-03 18:03) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-23 11:40) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-31 10:43) SXXX (C:) (2014-04-26 09:41) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-03-03 10:40) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-08-08 11:58) TXXX (S:) (2014-04-30 13:12) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2013-02-02 17:06) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-12-01 20:53) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-21 13:14) TXXX (S:) (2012-08-05 12:26) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2012-07-01 10:18) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-24 13:24) CXXX (D:) (2014-04-12 14:28) on Client "C00" TXXX (S:) (2014-09-21 17:59) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2014-01-01 13:45) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2013-01-01 12:41) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-14 13:25) SXXX (C:) (2014-05-17 10:14) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-08-23 11:22) MXXX (C:) (2014-03-01 17:59) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2014-05-17 10:56) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-17 11:33) MXXX (C:) (2014-12-06 20:27) TXXX (S:) (2014-08-03 11:55) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2013-08-03 11:19) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2014-06-21 11:58) on Client "C01" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-06-07 11:34) CXXX (S:) (2013-04-06 11:32) TXXX (S:) (2014-01-26 10:39) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-08-03 11:57) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2014-02-14 17:26) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-02-22 14:25) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-10 11:25) MXXX (C:) (2014-10-11 11:17) CXXX (S:) (2014-04-26 10:33) MXXX (C:) (2012-05-06 14:17) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2013-04-06 10:27) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2013-10-04 13:16) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2012-01-08 13:20) CXXX (S:) (2012-12-31 16:26) CXXX (S:) (2013-07-05 15:45) TXXX (S:) (2013-12-07 11:07) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-08-30 11:30) on Client "C01" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-05 12:40) MXXX (C:) (2014-05-05 11:03) SXXX (C:) (2014-02-14 16:33) on Client "C01" MXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-24 13:40) TXXX (S:) (2014-11-05 16:34) on Client "C01" TXXX (S:) (2014-04-26 09:39) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2013-06-01 11:36) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-07-25 14:24) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-08-30 11:59) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-12-06 11:22) MXXX (at HN01) (2014-05-17 11:48) TXXX (S:) (2013-03-03 10:38) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-11-07 18:41) MXXX (C:) (2012-12-31 16:15) CXXX (S:) (2014-04-19 12:32) TXXX (S:) (2014-02-08 17:04) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2012-01-08 12:36) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2013-01-01 11:40) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2012-07-01 10:29) on Client "C01" TXXX (S:) (2012-04-04 22:17) on Client "C01" CXXX 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(S:) (2014-01-04 16:53) SXXX (C:) (2012-02-03 17:02) on Client "C01" SXXX (C:) (2014-11-05 14:30) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-03-01 15:58) DXXX (at HN01) (2014-11-29 10:39) SXXX (C:) (2014-06-14 12:07) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-02-08 18:01) MXXX (C:) (2014-07-09 14:55) CXXX (S:) (2014-07-12 13:43) SXXX (C:) (2013-05-02 17:06) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-09-06 12:44) MXXX (C:) (2013-12-31 10:43) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2012-03-04 14:37) SXXX (C:) (2014-04-30 13:14) on Client "C01" CXXX (D:) (2014-04-06 21:30) on Client "C00" SXXX (C:) (2014-10-04 11:14) on Client "C01" MXXX (C:) (2014-08-03 12:42) CXXX (D:) (2012-12-03 20:20) on Client "C00" DXXX (at HN01) (2014-11-22 18:01) MXXX (C:) (2012-11-13 20:21) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) (2014-04-12 00:55) TXXX (S:) (2014-03-01 17:38) on Client "C01" TXXX (S:) (2012-03-04 13:28) on Client "C01" CXXX (S:) (2012-06-03 13:10) Lost (M:) (2012-01-08 12:51) on Client "C00" MXXX (C:) (2012-10-07 12:01) on Client "C00" CXXX (S:) 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  14. sowen222

    Incorrect info during Snapshot Transfer

    Thanks. I've just submitted a bug report at http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/contact I suggest you do the same, and hopefully it will get passed to the developers to be corrected.
  15. Hi, I'm using Windows Pro version to do my annual backup maintenance, starting with a Snapshot Transfer. It seems to be transferring the snapshots, but the counter in the display is stuck at 1 ("1 of 492"). See attached screenshot. Regards, Scott.
  16. sowen222

    Incorrect info during Snapshot Transfer

    Thanks for the response. How did you report the bug? And other than the display error, were your snapshot transfers successful?
  17. sowen222

    T-37: VssWSetCompResult: res =1.101

    Thanks for the quick reply, Lennart. regards, Scott.
  18. I've been using Retrospect for several years, and never encountered this error before. I have Pro on Windows 8.1 backing up a Win7x64 client and ever since upgrading to this version a few weeks ago, the following always appears in the execution log: Backing up 4 out of 7 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 3. T-37: VssWSetCompResult: res =1.101 There are no corresponding entries in the Windows Event log, and the backup completes successfully. Any ideas what this means?
  19. sowen222

    Retrospect 8 - My experience (so far)

    "Instant Scan" is not instant, it runs at unpredictable times, so by the time you do your backup, some of the files may have been deleted (hence the 1101 errors), and of course some files will have been created (and those don't get backed up). Clearly with this kind of misnomer, is must be an invention of their Marketing Department in order to justify a new major-version number, to generate lots of income from people upgrading. This really p*sses me off, because I've been a long-time Retrospect customer, and had really hoped that with it being taken over by members of the original development team, they may actually fix some of the old bugs which have been in Retrospect since at least version 5.x. Instead they add something which may shave a few minutes off my backup, but also makes it a lot more unreliable. And it's difficult to turn off - you have to go to every one of the clients and disable the Instant Scan service. Come on, Retrospect developers, this is basically a great product - please polish it and improve it in ways which improve the quality of the backups and related functions. Stop gouging customers for upgrade-costs with no benefit to the customers.
  20. sowen222

    Delete multiple snapshots simultaneously

    Totally agree, this is very frustrating. I purchase upgrades in the vain hope that old bugs and long-requested features will finally be resolved, but all we ever seem to get is a marketing release (i.e. we need more money, so let's release the same product with a new major version number and a couple of things that sound cool but are in fact useless). Nobody requested InstantScan (certainly not the way it's implemented, which is as "instant" as an oil company is "green"). The base of this product is good, which is why I stick with it, but why oh why can't they do some major, much-needed improvements?
  21. sowen222

    AVAST Win32:IRCBot-EYV [Trj] on runsetup.exe

    I had the same Avast alert. I posted it to Avast, but continued the install by temporarily disabling Avast in the assumption (hope?) it was a false-positive.
  22. Retrospect stores its config data in c:\program data\retrospect. I've had this happen on previous upgrades - you should be able to get all your scripts, selectors etc. back by putting your old config*.dat (e.g. config77.dat) files into that directory. Close retrospect, copy the existing Retrospect 8 config files to a safe location (or use Windows snapshot), then copy the old config files in, and restart Retrospect.
  23. Long-time Retrospect Pro user, I upgraded basically because I want to have a supported product for such a critical function. Reading the FAQ on how Instant Scan works, and in practical use, I've decided to disable it. 1) Files that were created and/or modified since the last Instant Scan are not backed up 2) Files that were deleted since the last Instant Scan result in a -1101 error (file not found) I want my backups to be a reflection of my current system status. Also, having to wade through loads of errors-which-aren't-really-errors in my logs make it easy to miss any real errors. What is "Instant" about the Instant Scan, if it is not even an accurate list of the current filesystem? The amount of time it saves in my 3-system, 6 volume configuration is marginal. I fear the Marketing Department has been allowed to take over the developers. I've disabled it by disabling the Instant Scan service on all the clients. It would be really nice if it were an option in the server, instead. Now what I would REALLY like to see is some of the old bugs which have existed since Retrospect 5 to finally be fixed. For example: - when I select multiple snapshots to transfer using cntl and shift, click ok, go back into the list and find different snapshots have been selected. - when I transfer snapshots or backups, identical duplicate files are correctly backed-up only once, but then when I add to the backup set, all the files which since changed location are backed-up again (even though this setting is correctly set in the backup options), resulting in backups which are GBs bigger than they need be.
  24. sowen222

    Instant Scan and long-time bugs

    Ya, that's about the point that I definitely decided to disable the service. Indeed, they MUST include the option to disable this in the server rather than have to do each client separately. I suspect during an upgrade of the client the service will be re-enabled, but at least they'll all have to be manually re-checked to ensure they are disabled. But I have critical processes which run on my systems at particular times of the day/week, and I need to know that their output gets backed up. With this Instant Scan service I have no idea of it has done a scan and included the changes by the time I do my backups. In short, Instant Scan is unpredictable and unreliable, so why would any serious system admin want to have it as part of their backup regime? Saving time during the backup, but having it effectively cost time during the restore (because critical files could be missing), is not a trade-off I want to make. Furthermore, with Instant Scan active, I can no longer do backups which rely on files being synchronised over multiple systems (as I can with OFB but *without* Instant Scan).
  25. Hi Henrik, Has this bug been corrected in the latest versions? Scott.